Dissertation Defenses

  • November 20
  • Rudolph Hightower, Public Policy and Management
    National Security Policy Complexity: An Analysis of U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Program Effects on Political Terror
    Advisor: Trevor Brown
  • Chuting Tan, Nuclear Engineering
    Radiation Induced Materials and Performance Degradation of Electrochemical Systems
    Advisor: L. Ramond Cao
  • David Ramirez Cadavid, Food, Agri & Biological Eng
    Processing of Taraxacum kok-saghyz (TK) roots for industrial grade rubber and co-products
    Advisor: Frederick Michel
  • Jessica Thomas, Biomedical Engineering
    Influencing Cell Organization for Tissue Engineering via the External Environment
    Advisor: Keith Gooch
  • Tzu-Hsuan Wei, Computer Science & Engineering
    Query-Driven Analysis and Visualization for Large-Scale Scientific Dataset using Geometry Summarization and Bitmap Indexing
    Advisor: Han-Wei Shen
  • Anthony Miller, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Investigation of Sulfur Salvage Pathways in Rhodopseudomonas palustris
    Advisor: F. Robert Tabita
  • Guqin Shi, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Structure-based computer-aided Drug Design and Analyses against Disease Target: Cytokine IL-6/IL-6R-GP130 Complex
    Advisor: Werner Tjarks
  • Alexander Roberts, Public Policy and Management
    The construction of Illness Categories in Medicine and Policy: AIDS; Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and the Problem of Reification
    Advisor: Jozef Raadschelders
  • Yun Wang, Music
    The Role of Melodic Contour in Linguistic Processing
    Advisor: Udo Will
  • Ranran Dong, Biostatistics
    Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Controlled Trials for Three-Level Data: Design and Evaluation
    Advisor: Abigail Shoben
  • Xiankun Li, Chemistry
    Dynamics of Light Perception by UV Photoreceptor UVR8
    Advisor: Dongping Zhong
  • Andrew Amaya, Chemical Engineering
    Freezing Supercooled Water Nanodroplets
    Advisor: Barbara Wyslouzil
  • Liguang Mao, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Computational design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Novel Specific IL-6/gp130 Inhibitors as Potential Anticancer Agents
    Advisor: Karl Werbovetz
  • Thomas Dinitz, Mathematics
    Cox Processes and the Neural Sleep-Wake Architecture
    Advisor: Janet Best
  • Yi-Hsuan Chu, Horticulture and Crop Science
    The role of LC and FAS in regulating floral meristem and fruit locule number in tomato
    Advisor: Jyan-chyun Jang
  • Suyi Wang, Computer Science & Engineering
    Analyzing data with 1D non-linear structures using topological methods
    Advisor: Yusu Wang
  • Gim Toh, Psychology
    The Role of Verbal Worry in Cognitive Control and Anxious Arousal in worry and Generalized Anxiety: A Replication and an Extension
    Advisor: Michael Vasey
  • Witopo Salim, Chemical Engineering
    CO2-selective Membranes for Flue Gas CO2 capture and Fuel Cell H2 purification: From lab-scale to field-test
    Advisor: W.S. Ho
  • Artem Vorobiev, East Asian Lang and Lit
    The Literature of Shibata Renzaburo and a New Perspective on Nihilism in Postwar Japan, 1945-1978
    Advisor: Richard Torrance
  • November 21
  • Nathan Jones, Biophysics
    Single Molecule Analysis of DNA Interactions
    Advisor: Richard Fishel
  • Andrew Smart, English
    Boods are Weapons: Didacticism in American Literature, 1890-1945
    Advisor: Jared Gardner
  • Patrick Heilman, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Interrogating the Functional Consequences of Peripheral Neuropathy Associated Mutations in Heat Shock Protein B1
    Advisor: Stephen Kolb
  • Tehane Ali, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    New and Bioactive Compounds from Penicillium concentricum, and Endophytic Fungus of the Liverwort Trichocolea tomentella
    Advisor: Liva Rakotondraibe
  • Junjun Yang, Geodetic Science
    Seafloor Topography Estimation from Gravity Gradient
    Advisor: Christopher Jekeli
  • Md Fazlur Rahman, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Molecular mechanisms and regulation of nucleosides and nucleoside analogs transported by human equilibrative nucleoside transporter 3 (hENT3)
    Advisor: Rajgopal Govindarajan
  • Jing Li, Industrial and Systems Eng
    Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders in Hospital In-Patient Staff Nurses: Prevalence and Risk Factors
    Advisor: Carolyn Sommerich
  • Domenic Belgiovane, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Advancing Millimeter-Wave Vehicular radar Test Targets for Automatic Emergency Breaking (AEB) Sensor Evaluation
    Advisor: Chi-Chih Chen
  • Michelle Gerst, Microbiology
    Identification and characterization of antimicrobial peptides produced by bacteria
    Advisor: Ahmed Yousef
  • Mingzhe Li, Computer Science & Engineering
    Designing High-Performance Remote Memory Access for MPI and PGAS Models with Modern Networking Technologies on Heterogeneous Clusters
    Advisor: Dhabaleswar Panda
  • Emma Kurth, Environment&Natural Resources
    Assessment of Conservation practices on soil and environmental quality in the Eastern Cornbelt
    Advisor: Brian Slater
  • Yujian Huang, Biomedical Engineering
    Bioinspired turnable hydrogel for biomedical applications
    Advisor: Mingjun Zhang
  • November 22
  • Matt Casto, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Multi-Attribute Design for Authentication and Reliability (MADAR)
    Advisor: Waleed Khalil
  • Dayu Shi, Computer Science & Engineering
    Computing Topological Features for Data Analysis
    Advisor: Tamal Dey
  • Lisa Robbins, Horticulture and Crop Science
    The Effects of Hyperoxidation and Storage Temperatures on the Flavor Profile and Sensory Quality of Riesling Wine
    Advisor: Joseph Scheerens
  • David Frankhouser, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Methylome Analysis: From Computation Workflow Development to Implementation in a Breast Cancer Prevention Trial
    Advisor: Qianben Wang
  • November 29
  • Ciaran Fairman, Kinesiology
    Acute Inflammatory and Affective Responses to Varying Resistance Training Load in Postmenopausal Women
    Advisor: Brian Focht
  • Mair Culbreth, Dance Studies
    Transacrional bodies: Politics, Pedadgogies, and Performance Practices of the San Francisco Bay Area
    Advisor: Harmony Bench
  • November 30
  • Ferdous-e Elahi, Plant Pathology
    Identification of the causal agents of bacterial soft rot of potato and its management in USA and Bangladesh
    Advisor: Sally Miller
  • Seungjun Lee, Environmental Science
    Microbiome and Virome Dynamics in Bloom Affected Lakes and the Fate of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxin in Crops under Agricultural Environments
    Advisor: Jiyoung Lee
  • Fernanda Moretti, Translational Plant Sciences
    Identification of candidate resistance metabolites to Leifsonia xyli subsp. Xyli in sugarcane through metabolomic profiling
    Advisor: Ana Alonso
  • John Raines, Political Science
    Folding a Losing Brand: Modeling Party Brand Loyalty and the Power of Niche Groups in International Political Economy Decision-Making
    Advisor: Daniel Verdier
  • December 1
  • Md Mynul Islam Islam, Plant Pathology
    Diversity and Management of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum of Bangladesh
    Advisor: Sally Miller
  • Cinthia Benitez, Psychology
    An experimental manipulation of validating and invalidating responses: impact on affect, motivation, and cognitive flexibility
    Advisor: Jennifer Cheavens
  • Nina Haviernikova, Slavic&East Euro Langs&Cltrs
    Dialect Contact in Slovakia
    Advisor: Brian Joseph
  • December 4
  • Hedy Justus, Anthropology
    Population Structure, Social Organization, and Feudalism in Medieval Poland
    Advisor: Samuel Stout
  • December 5
  • Anil Turkkan, Mechanical Engineering
    Rapid Conceptual Design and Analysis of Planar and Spatial Compliant Mechanisms
    Advisor: Haijun Su
  • December 6
  • Rick Morasse, Chemistry
    Low Temperature, Solution-Phase Synthesis of Chalcogenide and Carbide Materials
    Advisor: Joshua Goldberger
  • December 7
  • Yan Yuan, OSU Nutrition Program
    Potential roles of lutein on mammary gland development and breast cancer cell growth
    Advisor: Earl Harrison
  • December 18
  • Michael Brooker, Environmental Science
    Water contaminants of the Lake Erie Watershed
    Advisor: Jonathan Witter

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