Dissertation Defenses

  • March 27
  • Cecily Hill, English
    Formal Education: Early Children's Genres, Gender, and the Realist Novel
    Advisor: Robyn Warhol
  • Melody Carney, Oral Biology
    The Combined Impact of the Optical Phenomena of Color Adjustment Potential and Kubelka-Munk Layering Effects on Dental Composite Materials in Modern Esthetic Dentistry
    Advisor: William Johnston
  • Kodi Weatherholtz, Linguistics
    Perceptual Learning of Systemic Cross-Category Vowel Variation
    Advisor: Cynthia Clopper
  • Carolyn Kaplan, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Secondary Foreign Language Teachers’ Cognitions and Practices Related to Classroom-Based Student Assessment
    Advisor: Alan Hirvela
  • March 30
  • Niranjani Deshpande, Chemical Engineering
    A Study in Reactivity of Solid Oxides for Pre and Post Combustion Applications of Calcium and Chemical Looping
    Advisor: Liang-Shih Fan
  • Tyler Yoder, Near Eastern Langs & Cultures
    From Fishers of Fish to Fishers of Men: Fishing Imagery in the Hebrew Bible and the Ancient Near East
    Advisor: Sam Meier
  • Wenjia Luo, Chemical Engineering
    First-Principles Study of Ethanol and Methanol Steam Reforming on Co-based Materials
    Advisor: Aravind Asthagiri
  • March 31
  • Joany Van Balen, Comparativ&VetMed
    Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus: Ecology and Molecular Epidemiology of Environmental Contamination in Veterinary and Human Healthcare Settings during Non-Outbreak Periods
    Advisor: Thomas Wittum
  • Adam Suhy, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Regulation of Cholestryl Ester Transfer Protein and Expression of Transporters in the Blood Brain Barrier
    Advisor: Wolfgang Sadee
  • Cassandra May, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    The Importance of Early Life Processes to Future Growth and Recruitment in Lake Erie Walleye
    Advisor: Elizabeth Marschall
  • Jieun Song, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Anti-oxidant pathogenesis of high-grade glioma
    Advisor: Chang-Hyuk Kwon
  • April 1
  • Le Yu, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Metabolic Engineering of Clostridium tyrobutyricum for Enhanced n-Butanol Production and Sugar Utilization
    Advisor: Shang-Tian Yang
  • Urszula Szafruga, Physics
    Wavelength Dependent Strong Field Interactions with Atoms and Molecules
    Advisor: Louis DiMauro
  • Kathleen Farrand, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Inclusion along a continuum of settings: Discovering the possibilites when using dramatic inquiry for literacy learning to promote the academic and social success of all students
    Advisor: Tiffany Wild
  • Kyle Culp, Agricultural and Extension Edu
    Factors Associated with Sustainability of Collegiate Livestock Judging Programs at Four Year Universities
    Advisor: Robert Birkenholz
  • Rebekah Browning, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Combination therapies with interleukin 21 in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    Advisor: John Byrd
  • April 2
  • Helong Zhao, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Hit the Brake Pedal for Multiple Human Diseases: Roles of Slit-Robo Signaling in Pathogenesis of HIV-1 Infection, Vascular Endothelial Inflammation and Breast Cancer
    Advisor: Ramesh Ganju
  • Wan-Zu Chang, Speech and Hearing Science
    Effects of Visual Stimuli on Decision-Making Capacity on End-of-Life Care of People with Dementia
    Advisor: Michelle Bourgeois
  • Andrew Roettgen, Mechanical Engineering
    Study of Vibrational Energy Loading and Electron Behavior in Nanosecond Pulse Nonequilibrium Plasmas through Raman and Thomson Scattering
    Advisor: Igor Adamovich
  • Hussam Khasawneh, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Sizing Methodology and Life Improvement of Energy Storage Systems in Microgrids
    Advisor: Mahesh Illindala
  • Wei-Ling Chang, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Mechanism Studies of Antitubulin Agents-mediated MMP Down-regulation and Nitroxoline Repurposing in Human Prostate Cancer Cells
    Advisor: Ching-Shih Chen
  • Mohammed Haj-ahmed, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Protection and Automation of Microgrids for Flexible Distribution of Energy and Storage Resources
    Advisor: Mahesh Illindala
  • Christian Harding, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Discovery and demonstration of functional type IV pili production and post-translational modification by a medically relevant Acinetobacter species
    Advisor: Daniel Wozniak
  • Christian Harding, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Discovery and demonstration of functional type IV pili production and post-translational modification by a medically relevant Acinetobacter species
    Advisor: Robert Munson, Jr.
  • Christy Collins, Public Health
    Sports-Related Injuries among High School Athletes in the United States and Their Use of Protective Equipment
    Advisor: Lara McKenzie
  • April 3
  • Loni Arrese, Speech and Hearing Science
    Assessment of the relationship between patient and clinician ratings of swallowing function in individuals with head and neck cancer.
    Advisor: Michelle Bourgeois
  • Zhenan Sui, Mathematics
    On Some Classes of Fully Nonlinear Equations
    Advisor: Bo Guan
  • Pitichon Klomjit, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Characterization of non-chromate corrosion inhibitiors for aluminum alloys 7075-T6
    Advisor: Rudolph Buchheit
  • Simuck Yuk, Chemical Engineering
    Enantiospecificity of Chiral Pt Nanostructures Grown on Chiral SrTiO3 Surfaces
    Advisor: Aravind Asthagiri
  • Julia Istomina, English
    Property, Mobility, and Epistemology in U.S. Women of Color Detective Fiction
    Advisor: Linda Mizejewski
  • Jorie Emory, Arts Admin, Education & Policy
    Public Pedagogy and Relational Philanthropy: An Insider Action Research Study of Columbus SOUP
    Advisor: James Sanders, III
  • Rory Turnbull, Linguistics
    Assessing the listener-oriented account of predictability-based phonetic reduction
    Advisor: Cynthia Clopper
  • Danesh Sopariwala, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Sarcolipin overexpression improves fatigue resistance by enhancing skeletal muscle energetics
    Advisor: Muthu Periasamy
  • Zhizhou Li, Computer Science & Engineering
    Applying Fully Homomorphic Encryptions In Privacy Preserving Data Mining
    Advisor: Ten-Hwang Lai
  • Dylan Nielson, Neuroscience Graduate Prog
    Multivariate techniques for neural analysis
    Advisor: Ali Rezai
  • April 6
  • Diego Rincon Rueda, Entomology
    Delphastus catalinae and the Silverleaf whitefly, Bemisia tabaci biotype B, on tomato: modeling predation across spatial scales
    Advisor: Luis Canas
  • Sean McKinniss, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Case Studies of Organizational Mindfulness and Shared Governance
    Advisor: Tatiana Suspitsyna
  • Jagadish Hiremath, Comparativ&VetMed
    Development and evaluation of PLGA-Nanoparticle entrapped swine influenza virus peptides vaccine and effect on molecular phenotype of alveolar macrophages with reference to DAP12 signaling pathway in pigs
    Advisor: Renukaradhya Gourapura
  • Liye Suo, OSU Nutrition Program
    The mechanism by which dietary vitamin A regulates skin stem cells during hair cycling
    Advisor: Helen Everts
  • Man He, East Asian Lang and Lit
    Play-Makers and Nation-Builders: Cosmopolitan Intellectuals, Peasant Citizens, and Modern Dramas, 1910s-1940s
    Advisor: Kirk Denton
  • Andrew Richmond, English
    Reading Landscapes in Medieval British Romance
    Advisor: Lisa Kiser
  • Daniel Pearlberg, Philosophy
    Causation, Mechanism, and Mind
    Advisor: Richard Samuels
  • Katelin Hansen, Neuroscience Graduate Prog
    MiR-132 as a Dynamic Regulator of Neuronal Structure and Cognitive Capacity
    Advisor: Karl Obrietan
  • April 7
  • Madelyn Gerber, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    The Identification of Colorectal Cancer Susceptibility Genes Using a Cross-Species, Systems Genetics Approach
    Advisor: Amanda Toland
  • Zhi Qi, Mathematics
    Theory of Bessel Functions of High Rank
    Advisor: Roman Holowinsky
  • Alexander Lindsey, Horticulture and Crop Science
    Agronomic and Physiological Responses of Modern Drought-Tolerant Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids to Agronomic Production Practices
    Advisor: Peter Thomison
  • Ashley Patterson, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Exploring experience, influence and personal truth: Biraciality and educational spaces
    Advisor: Cynthia Tyson
  • Antrison Morris, Animal Sciences
    Effect of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol Supplementation on Broiler, Layer and Turkey Birds Growth Performance and Immune Response
    Advisor: Ramesh Selvaraj
  • Tyler Nelson, Biomedical Engineering
    Biomimetic Electrospun Fibers for Cancer Cell Migration, Chemotaxis, and Anti-Metastatic Drug Testing
    Advisor: John Lannutti
  • Matthew Gorr, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Dysfunction
    Advisor: Loren Wold
  • Teerarat Likitwattanasade, Food Science and Technology
    The changes of food coating characteristics during coating a powder mixture and salting potato chips nonelectrostatically and electrostatically
    Advisor: Sheryl Barringer
  • Aparna Lakshmanan, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Advisor: Sissy Jhiang
  • Jihane Khalife, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Targeting the oncomicroRNA miR-155 in Acute Myeloid Leukemia with the NEDD8-Activating Enzyme Inhibitor MLN4924
    Advisor: Ramiro Garzon
  • Patrick Shorter, Vision Science
    Flashing Light-Evoked Pupil Responses in Subjects with Glaucoma or Traumatic Brain Injury
    Advisor: Andrew Hartwick
  • Rachel Haug, Music
    An Introduction to Twentieth Century Flute Music by Norwegian Composers: With Emphasis on Øistein Sommerfeldt and Publications by Norsk Musikforlag
    Advisor: Katherine Jones
  • Joseph Merry, Sociology
    Education in the Era of Rising Inequality and the Distribution of School Effectiveness
    Advisor: Douglas Downey
  • Kristen Rhoda, OSU Nutrition Program
    Dietary Bioactives and Prostate Carcinogenesis
    Advisor: Steven Clinton
  • April 8
  • Walter Meisen, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Improving Oncolytic Viral Therapy for Brain Tumors
    Advisor: Balveen Kaur
  • Mehmet Deveci, Computer Science & Engineering
    Load-Balancing and Task Mapping for Exascale Systems
    Advisor: Umit Catalyurek
  • Alison Slaughter, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Mechanism of Action of Allosteric HIV-1 Integrase Inhibitors
    Advisor: Mamuka Kvaratskhelia
  • Jibin Zhang, Animal Sciences
    Identification of the important genes in specific tissues using microarray analysis, bioinformatical and molecular tools
    Advisor: Michael Davis
  • Nagendra Subedi, Plant Pathology
    Characterization and management of Ralstonia solanacearum strains in South Asia
    Advisor: Sally Miller
  • Rashea Hamilton, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Perspective Taking: The Role of Visual Perspective in Future Oriented Behavior
    Advisor: Eric Anderman
  • Christopher Durr, Chemistry
    Advisor: Malcolm Chisholm
  • Charles Laux, Music
    The Effect of a Tonic Drone Accompaniment on the Pitch Accuracy of Scales Played by Beginner Violin and Viola Students
    Advisor: Robert Gillespie
  • James Davis, Sociology
    Space, Labor Markets, and History: An Exploration of American Indian Employment Hardship and Socioeconomic Inequality
    Advisor: Vincent Roscigno
  • Bryan ALbani, Chemistry
    Control of Excited States and Ligand Substitution Reactions in Ru(II) Complexes for Photochemotherapy
    Advisor: Claudia Turro
  • Lindsay Mouchet, Philosophy
    Doxastic Control and Responsibility
    Advisor: Declan Smithies
  • Meghna Pant, OSU Biochemistry Program
    SLN Upregulation and Metabolic Alterations: An Undelying Theme during Cold stress, Infection and Muscle dystrophy
    Advisor: Muthu Periasamy
  • Katherine DeLuca, English
    Developing a Digital Paideia: Composing Identities and Engaging Rhetorically in the Digital Age
    Advisor: Cynthia Selfe
  • Ligia Pinheiro, Dance Studies
    Advisor: Karen Eliot
  • April 9
  • Jingwei Li, Chemistry
    Studies of Iron Sulfur Cluster Maturation and Transport
    Advisor: James Cowan
  • Brent Miller, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Loosely Coupled Time Integration of Fluid-Thermal-Structural Interactions in High Speed Flows
    Advisor: Jack McNamara
  • Jonathan Wing Chung Lam, Mathematics
    Second moment of the central values of the symmetric square L-functions
    Advisor: Wenzhi Luo
  • Anna Conrad, Plant Pathology
    Metabolomics of Quercus spp. to understand and predict resistance to Phytophthora ramorum
    Advisor: Pierluigi Bonello
  • Joelle Fenger, Veterinary Clinical Sciences
    Investigating the Biological and Molecular Consequences of MiR-9 Dysregulation in Canine Mast Cell Tumors and Osteosarcoma
    Advisor: Cheryl London
  • Justin Haegele, Kinesiology
    The Effects of a Theory Based Physical Education Intervention on the Leisure-Time Physical Activity of Adolescents with Visual Impairments
    Advisor: David Porretta
  • Yao Jiang, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Advisor: A. Phelps
  • Jessica Brinson, Physics
    A search for disappearing tracks in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s) = 8 TeV
    Advisor: Christopher Hill
  • Jinwook Seong, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Inhibition of Corrosion and Stress Corrosion Cracking of Sensitized AA5083
    Advisor: Gerald Frankel
  • Charles Patton, Sociology
    A History of Hoarding: A Comparative Test of Tilly's Durable Inequality Theory to Explore Opportunity Hoarding in the Jim Crow, Civil Rights, and Post-Civil Rights Eras
    Advisor: Townsand Price-Spratlen
  • April 10
  • Abd almula Gebreel, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Advisor: Longya Xu
  • James R Carter, Social Work
    Exploring staff perspectives about interpersonal relationships among persons in assisted living settings in Franklin County, Ohio: A pilot study.
    Advisor: Holly Dabelko
  • Julia Behnfeldt, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Chk2 phosphorylation of the BLM helicase promotes its interaction with topoisomerase IIalpha and the resolution of chromosome breakage.
    Advisor: Joanna Groden
  • Patric Glynn, Biomedical Engineering
    Integrative Studies on the Role of CaMKII in Cardiac Disease and Arrhythmias
    Advisor: Thomas Hund
  • Anastasia Nurre, History of Art
    Contextualizing Sixteenth-Century Lutheran Epitaphs by Lucas Cranach the Younger: The Influence of Luther’s Two Realms on the Composition and Content of a Set of Reformation Funerary Monuments
    Advisor: Barbara Haeger
  • April 13
  • Chao Ma, Economics
    Essays on Empirical Industrial Organization and Real Estate Finance
    Advisor: Jason Blevins
  • Michael Bowman, History of Art
    Creating the Elsewhere: Virtual Reality in the Ancient Roman World
    Advisor: Mark Fullerton
  • Douglas Anthony, Music
    “Acting In:” A Tactical Performance Enables Survival and Religious Piety for Marginalized Christians in Orissa, India.
    Advisor: Ryan Skinner
  • Erin Wagner, English
    LInguam ad Loquendum: Writing a Vernacular Identity in Medieval and Early Modern England
    Advisor: Richard Green
  • Mei-Yen Ireland, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Identity Construction Among Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Community College Students
    Advisor: Susan Jones
  • Deborah Kuzawa, English
    Queering Composition, Queering Archives: Personal Narratives and the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives
    Advisor: Cynthia Selfe
  • Tatsuro Senga, Economics
    Essays on Aggregate Fluctuations with Micro Heterogeneity
    Advisor: Aubhik Khan
  • April 14
  • Qing Zhang, Mathematics
    Bounds for Hecke Eigenforms and their allied L-functions
    Advisor: Wenzhi Luo
  • Tara Pelletier, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Western Plethodon Salamanders as a Model System in Phylogeography
    Advisor: Bryan Carstens
  • Jingchao Li, Economics
    Essays on International Repercussions of Fiscal Policy and the Analysis of Migration Restrictions
    Advisor: Pok-sang Lam
  • Jeremy Vila, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Empirical-Bayes Approaches to Recovery of Structured Sparse Signals via Loopy Belief Propagation
    Advisor: Philip Schniter
  • April 15
  • Chao Yang, Economics
    Social Interactions under Incomplete Information: Games, Equilibrium, and Expectations
    Advisor: Lung-Fei Lee
  • Jieun You, Education:Phy Act & Ed Srvc
    The impact of organization-supporting learning on individual and organizational performance in the workplace
    Advisor: Joshua Hawley
  • Kang Wei, Biomedical Engineering
    Bio-inspired reconfigurable elastomer-liquid lens for imaging applications
    Advisor: Yi Zhao
  • Minchul Yum, Economics
    Essays in Quantitative Macroeconomics
    Advisor: Julia Thomas
  • Korie Amberger, Economics
    Sectoral Reallocation and Information Economics
    Advisor: Julia Thomas
  • Xue Wu, Economics
    Student Loan Debt: Causes and Consequences
    Advisor: Lucia Dunn
  • April 16
  • Alison Furlong, Music
    Resistance Rooms: Sound and Sociability in the East German Church
    Advisor: Danielle Fosler-Lussier
  • In Hwan Jo, Economics
    Essays on Business Cycles with Credit Shocks
    Advisor: Aubhik Khan
  • April 27
  • Adrienne Winans, History
    Race, Space, and Gender: Re-mapping Chinese America from the Margins, 1875-1943
    Advisor: Judy Wu

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