Transition in the Graduate School

Transition in the Graduate School

Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate School Patrick Osmer has announced that he will step down effective Monday, August 31, and return to the faculty and his scientific activities. More…

OAA announcement

Interim Dean of the Graduate School announced

Interim Dean of the Graduate School announced

M. Scott Herness, PhD,  will serve as interim vice provost for graduate studies and interim dean of the Graduate School, effective Sept. 1, 2015. His appointment will continue until a permanent vice provost and dean is hired. Since 2012, Dr. Herness has served as the associate dean of the Graduate School.  He joined Ohio State’s faculty in 1997 in the Division of Oral Biology in the College of Dentistry, and he holds a joint appointment in the Department of Neuroscience, College of Medicine. More…


Dissertation Defenses

  • July 31
  • Eliot Alexander, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Three Essays on the US Homeowner’s Response to a Changing Economy
    Advisor: Henry Klaiber
  • August 3
  • Yang Liu, Mathematics
    Modular curvatures on toric non-commutative manifolds
    Advisor: Henri Moscovici
  • Eunyoung Park, Public Health
    Sustainable reuse of wastewater ensuring public health
    Advisor: Jiyoung Lee
  • Yang Zhang, Computer Science & Engineering
    Visually Analyzing Large Scale Graphs
    Advisor: Srinivasan Parthasarathy
  • August 4
  • Elizabeth Petraglia, Statistics
    Estimating County-Level Aggravated Assault Rates by Combining Data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) and the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS)
    Advisor: Eloise Kaizar
  • Yi Ma, Computer Science & Engineering
    Advisor: Eric Fosler-Lussier
  • Alisa Blazek, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Molecular, Biochemical, Clinical and Functional Markers of Exercise Adaptation
    Advisor: Noah Weisleder
  • August 5
  • Elizabeth Wellman, Theatre
    Working Strong: Rose La Rose and the Re-Ownership of American Burlesque
    Advisor: Jennifer Schlueter
  • Jin He, Computer Science & Engineering
    Advisor: Anish Arora
  • August 6
  • Zhong Chen, Materials Sci and Engineering
    The Elastic-Plastic Transition of Metals: A Universal Law
    Advisor: Robert Wagoner
  • Heather Herbster, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Special Education Eligibility and the Category of Deafblindness: Examining the Perspectives of Case Coordinators
    Advisor: Peter Paul
  • Lynn Healy, Spanish & Portuguese
    Framing the Victim: Gender, Representation and Recognition in Post-Conflict Peru
    Advisor: Ana Del Sarto
  • Yanyi Xu, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Matrix Properties-Controlled Stem Cell Differentiation for Cardiac and Skeletal Tissue Regeneration
    Advisor: Jianjun Guan
  • Daesik Jang, Education:Teaching & Learning
    The Effect of Multisensory Strategies on Phonemic and Graphophonemic Awareness of Students with Reading Difficulties: A Comparison between With and Without See The Sound-Visual Phonics
    Advisor: Peter Paul
  • August 7
  • Anthony Fries, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Advisor: H. Gibbs
  • Ryan Smith, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Development of a Nitrogen-Modified Stainless-Steel Hardfacing Alloy
    Advisor: Peter Anderson
  • August 10
  • Zhini Zeng, East Asian Lang and Lit
    Demonstrate and Evaluate Expertise in Communicating in Chinese as a Foreign Language
    Advisor: Galal Walker
  • Amanda Roble, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Unpacking the formative assessment processes of secondary mathematics teachers who use wireless networked classroom technology
    Advisor: Patricia Brosnan
  • Jihui Huang, Mathematics
    Classification of soliton graphs on totally positive Grassmannians
    Advisor: Yuji Kodama
  • Sarah Gutzwiller, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Adaptation and Exaptation in the Evolution of the Upper Molar Talon in Microbats
    Advisor: John Hunter
  • August 11
  • Anshuman Fuller, Chemical Engineering
    Novel Perovskite-based electro-catalysts for Oxidative Dehydrogenation (ODH) of Ethane in an Electrochemical Membrane Reactor
    Advisor: Umit Ozkan
  • Kimberly Hughes, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Exploring The Impacts of Coach-Teacher Interactions
    Advisor: Patricia Brosnan
  • Young Rae Choi, Geography
    Towards a geography of social coasts: transformations in sea governance of East Asia
    Advisor: Becky Mansfield
  • Patrick Scharfe, History
    Muslim Scholars and the Public Sphere in Mehmed Ali Pasha’s Egypt, 1801-1841
    Advisor: Jane Hathaway
  • August 12
  • James Douglass, Microbiology
    Microbial diversity of atrazine biodegradation in agricultural fields, pesticide spill sites and a wetland
    Advisor: Olli Tuovinen
  • enny Anggraini, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Characteristics of Child-to-Adult Crossover Literature
    Advisor: Linda Parsons
  • Nan Deng, Computer Science & Engineering
    Systems Support for Carbon-Aware Cloud Applications
    Advisor: Christopher Stewart
  • S M Faisal, Computer Science & Engineering
    Towards Energy Efficient Data Mining & Graph Processing
    Advisor: Srinivasan Parthasarathy
  • August 13
  • Zhili Chen, Computer Science & Engineering
    Towards real-time simulation of interactions among solids and fluids
    Advisor: Huamin Wang
  • Christopher Clifford, Mechanical Engineering
    Physics and Flow Control of a NACA 0015 in Fully-Reversed Condition
    Advisor: Mohammad Samimy
  • Jessica Pempek, Animal Sciences
    Improving the welfare of dairy cows and calves: The importance of the environment
    Advisor: Maurice Eastridge
  • Nitya Subrahmanian, Plant Cellular and Molecular B

    Advisor: Patrice Hamel
  • Yi-Hsin Chiu, Physics
    Toward ultrafast spin dynamics in low dimensional semiconductor systems
    Advisor: Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin
  • August 14
  • Ivana Rosenblatt, History of Art
    Envisioning the Threshold: Pictorial Disjunction in Maarten de Vos
    Advisor: Barbara Haeger
  • Samuel Cruz, Spanish & Portuguese
    São Paulo and Buenos Aires: Urban Cinematic Representation in Contemporary Latin America
    Advisor: Laura Podalsky
  • Brandy Wells, History
    “She Pieced and Stitched and Quilted, Never Wavering nor Doubting”: African American Women’s Internationalism, 1890s-1960s
    Advisor: Stephanie Shaw
  • Mary Severin, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    MicroRNAs Targeting TGFß Signaling Underlie the Regulatory T Cell Defect in Multiple Sclerosis
    Advisor: Amy Lovett-Racke
  • August 17
  • David Blanks, Philosophy
    The Metaphysics of Dispositions: A Case for Counterfactualism
    Advisor: Ben Caplan
  • Yuanxin Chen, Chemical Engineering
    Polymer Membranes for Flue Gas Carbon Capture and Fuel Cell Application
    Advisor: W.S. Ho
  • David Kline, Biostatistics
    Systematically Missing Subject-Level Data in Longitudinal Research Synthesis
    Advisor: Eloise Kaizar
  • August 18
  • Uttara Manohar, Communication
    Effective Support Provision for Coping with Everyday Incidents of Racial Discrimination: An Assessment of Emotional Support and Social Identity Affirmation Support
    Advisor: Susan Kline
  • Jacqueline Hoying, Nursing
    COPE: A pilot study with Urban Sixth Grade Youth to Improve Physical Activity and Mental Health Outcomes
    Advisor: Bernadette Melnyk
  • August 19
  • Ying-Chieh Chuang, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Blind Adaptive Beamforming for GNSS Receivers
    Advisor: Inder Gupta
  • Melissa Quinn, Anatomy
    Learning Styles of Undergraduate Students and Its Influence on the Preference of Lecture Delivery Method in a Large Enrollment Undergraduate Gross Anatomy Course
    Advisor: Kirk McHugh
  • August 20
  • Erica Haugtvedt, English
    Readers, Serials, Characters: Popular Seriality in the Victorian Period
    Advisor: Sean O'Sullivan
  • August 21
  • Max Mullen, Chemistry
    Electrochemical Sensing for Combustion Processes
    Advisor: Prabir Dutta

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