Dissertation Defenses

  • June 28
  • Joo-Kyung Kim, Computer Science & Engineering
    Linguistic Knowledge Transfer for Enriching Vector Representations
    Advisor: Eric Fosler-Lussier
  • Sehoon Kim, Business Administration
    Three Essays in Finance
    Advisor: Rene Stulz
  • Erin McClure, Educational Studies
    Preparing School Psychologists to work with a Linguistically Diverse Population by Exploring Factors which Bolster Practitioner Competence
    Advisor: Antoinette Miranda
  • Lauren Eichaker, Biomedical Engineering
    Analysis of Injury Mechanisms and Outcomes within Lead Vehicle Stopped, Near Side, and Lane Change-Related Impact Scenarios: Implications for Autonomous Vehicle Behavior Design
    Advisor: John Bolte
  • Micah Goldfarb, Psychology
    The Influence of Motion on Causal Self-Perceptions
    Advisor: Lisa Libby
  • John Slefinger, English
    Refashioning Allegorical Dress From Langland to Spenser
    Advisor: Ethan Knapp
  • June 29
  • Yo-Ting Tsai, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Dysregulation of Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases Signaling and Immune Suppression in B-cell Leukemia
    Advisor: John Byrd
  • Danielle Fredette, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Fuel-Saving Behavior for Multi-Vehicle Systems: Analysis, Modeling, and Control
    Advisor: Umit Ozguner
  • James Boslett, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    CD38 in the Heart: Effects of CD38 Activation on Post-Ischemic Injury
    Advisor: Jay Zweier
  • Muhammad Akbar Bin Abdul Ghaffar, Horticulture and Crop Science
    Rubber Particle Ontogeny in Taraxacum kok-saghyz
    Advisor: Katrina Cornish
  • Gabriella Lloyd, Political Science
    Mandating (In)Security? How UN Missions Endanger the Civilians They Intend to Protect
    Advisor: Alexander Thompson
  • Jihyun Eum, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Essays on quality and trade liberalization
    Advisor: Stanley Thompson
  • June 30
  • Margaret Hanson, Political Science
    Legalized Rent-Seeking: How Dictators Use Civil Courts to Manage Corruption
    Advisor: Marcus Kurtz
  • Sarah Al-Shareeda, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Enhancing Security, Privacy, and Efficiency of Vehicular Networks
    Advisor: Fusun Ozguner
  • Jing Yan, Chemistry
    Native mass spectrometry protein structural characterization via surface induced dissociation: Instrumentation and applications
    Advisor: Vicki Wysocki
  • July 3
  • Sean Dahlin, Kinesiology
    Redeveloping Coaching Effectiveness: Perceptions of NCAA Division III Head Coaches
    Advisor: Donna Pastore
  • Tuo Liu, Economics
    Model Selection and Adaptive Lasso Estimation of Spatial Models
    Advisor: Lung-Fei Lee
  • Darrell Estes, French & Italian
    Metamorphosis and Transfiguration: Physical and Ontological Transformation in Medieval French and Occitan Texts (11th-15th Centuries)
    Advisor: Sarah-Grace Heller
  • July 5
  • Guoguang Zhang, Mechanical Engineering
    Fault Estimation and Fault-Tolerant Control for In-Wheel Moter Electric Vehicles
    Advisor: Junmin Wang
  • Travis Whetsell, Public Policy and Management
    Technology policy and self-organizing networks in the semiconductor industry: An Analysis of the effects of Policy implementation on strategic alliance dynamics and performance outcomes
    Advisor: Caroline Wagner
  • Adrian Barragan, Comparativ&VetMed
    Assessment of physiological and behavioral responses in dairy cows treated with aspirin following parturition and in potpartum cows diagnosed with metritis
    Advisor: Gustavo Schuenemann
  • Suzanne Witt, Chemistry
    Cationic Diimine-Chelated Dirhodium (II,II) Complexes as Dual-Action Electrocatalysts for Alternative Energy Applications: Tunable Selectivity for H+ or CO2 Reduction
    Advisor: Claudia Turro
  • Mine Dogucu, Educational Studies
    Properties of Partially Convergent Models and Effect of Re-Imputation on These Properties
    Advisor: Ann O'Connell
  • Douglas Cheung, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Action of CDK inhibitor PHA-848125 in ER-negative breast cancer with microRNA-221/222 overexpression
    Advisor: Carlo Croce
  • July 6
  • Donglin Chai, East Asian Lang and Lit
    Changing Paradigms of Chinese as a Foreign language in U.S. (1870s-2017) and Implications on Teacher Training for College-Level Chinese Language Programs
    Advisor: Galal Walker
  • Fira Zulkurnain, Food Science and Technology
    Crystallization of Lipids under High Pressure for Food Texture Development
    Advisor: V.M. Balasubramaniam
  • Jeremy Jeffery, Educational Studies
    The Self-Reported Perceptions of Levels of Preparedness of Alternatively-Licensed Career and Technical Teachers in the State of Ohio Completing the Resident Educator Summative Assessment
    Advisor: Christopher Zirkle
  • Samuel Martin, Mechanical Engineering
    Bioinspired Surfaces Adapted from Shark Skin, Skimmer Birds, and Lotus leaves for Low-drag and Superliquiphobic Properties
    Advisor: Noriko Katsube
  • Kyle Parsons, Mathematics
    Spanning k-trees and Loop-Erased Random Surfaces
    Advisor: Matthew Kahle
  • Kun Liu, Environmental Science
    Advanced Onsite Wastwater Treatment and Nutrient management
    Advisor: Karen Mancl
  • Rose Nevill, Psychology
    Retention, Resilience, and Burnout of Staff Caregivers for Aggressive Adults with Developmental Disabilities
    Advisor: Susan Havercamp
  • Tiffany White, Communication
    Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Effects of Skin Tone and Cross-Platform Self-Presentation on Evaluations of Black Job Applicants
    Advisor: Roselyn Lee-Won
  • Alyssa Emery, Educational Studies
    Understanding the Motivational and Effective Experiences of Students with Disabilities in STEM Classrooms
    Advisor: Lynley Anderman
  • Markus Novak, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Low Cost Ultra-Wideband Millmeter-Wave Phased Arrays
    Advisor: John Volakis
  • Carl Coker, Astronomy
    A Binary Companion Search Around the KELT Planet Host Stars
    Advisor: Bernard Gaudi
  • July 7
  • Yu-Chou Tseng, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Application of Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor AR-42 in the Treatment of Cancer-induced Cachexia
    Advisor: Ching-Shih Chen
  • Yanli Wang, Mathematics
    Mathematical models of budding yeast colony development and stem cell aging
    Advisor: Ching-Shan Chou
  • Carrie Davenport, Educational Studies
    Effective Literacy Interventions for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    Advisor: Sheila Morgan
  • Christopher Svoboda, Physics
    Spin-Orbital Order and Condensation in 4d and 5d Transition Metal Oxides
    Advisor: Nandini Trivedi
  • Varsha Gopalakrishnan, Chemical Engineering
    Nature in Engineering: Modeling Ecosystems as Unit Operations for Sustainable Engineering Design and Assessment
    Advisor: Bhavik Bakshi
  • Dale Mudd, Astronomy
    Understanding Supermassive Black Holes Using the Dark Energy Survey and OzDES
    Advisor: L. Paul Martini
  • Cody Price, City and Regional Planning
    Alleviating Affordable Housing Stigma by Design
    Advisor: Jack Nasar
  • Andrew Maxson, Chemical Engineering
    Heat Transfer Enhancement in Turbulent Drag Reducing Surfactant Solutions
    Advisor: Jacques Zakin
  • Moataz Abdelfattah, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converters for Near-Threshold Design
    Advisor: Waleed Khalil
  • July 10
  • Enkhtuul Tsogtbaatar, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Deciphering pathways involved in oil synthesis of pennycress (Thlaspl arvense L.) embryos using metabolomics and 13C-labeling approaches
    Advisor: Ana Alonso
  • Phokeng Dailey, Communication
    Identity-based motivation in HPV vaccine decision-making: Role of healthcare provider trust, communicaiton and response efficacy
    Advisor: Shelly Hovick
  • Candace Joswick, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Investigating the Role of a Classroom Discourse Community in the Cognitive Development of Students
    Advisor: Michael Battista
  • Lorena Sainz-Maza, Spanish & Portuguese
    Interactions among Focus, Exhaustivity, and Constituent Order in Spanish and Basque
    Advisor: Scott Schwenter
  • Qingyang Yan, Linguistics
    Factors influencing generalization and maintenance of cross-category imitation of Mandarin regional variants
    Advisor: Cynthia Clopper
  • Robert Denton, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Genetic, physiological, and ecological consequences of sexual and kleptogenetic reproduction in salamanders
    Advisor: H. Lisle Gibbs
  • Ashley Wallace, Chemistry
    pH-triggered Self-Assembly of a PEGylated Peptide Amphiphlic Contrast Agent
    Advisor: Joshua Goldberger
  • Daniel Silverman, Political Science
    Perceptions and Misperceptions in War: Civilian Beliefs about Violence and their Consequences in Pakistan, Iraq, and Beyond
    Advisor: Christopher Gelpi
  • Chris Ross, Speech and Hearing Science
    Promoting joint attention in children with visual impairment: Proposing an intervention using modified strategies from JASPER
    Advisor: Allison Ellawadi
  • July 11
  • Kristopher Richardson, Chemical Engineering
    Oxygenation Potential of Tense and Relaxed State Polymerized Hemoglobin Mixtures a Potential Therapeutic to Accelerated Chronic Wound Healing
    Advisor: Andre Palmer
  • Mark Rembert, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Job Reallocation, Entrepreneurship & Regional Resilience during the Great Recession
    Advisor: Mark Partridge
  • Jessie Wallace, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    If you plant it they will come: Re-establishment of wild bee communities on reclaimed mine lands in SE Ohio
    Advisor: Karen Goodell
  • Kurt Fife, East Asian Lang and Lit
    US Military in Communication with China: The Role of Chinese Language Training Programs in Shaping Future Capabilities
    Advisor: Galal Walker
  • Long Lin, Environmental Science
    Technical, Microbial, and Economic Study of Solid-state Anaerobic Digestion of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Biogas Production
    Advisor: Zhongtang Yu
  • July 12
  • Ahyoung Yoo, History of Art
    To be Two Places at Once: Technology, Globalization and contemporary Korean Art
    Advisor: Kristina Paulsen
  • Bowen Marshall, Educational Studies
    A Narrative Inquiry of LGBTQ Professionals
    Advisor: Susan Jones
  • Douglas Yacek, Educational Studies
    Transformative Education: A Philosophical Inquiry
    Advisor: Bryan Warnick
  • Alison Craig, Political Science
    Policy Collaboration in the United States Congress
    Advisor: Janet Steffensmeier
  • Christine Hamilton, Greek and Latin
    The Function of the Deus ex Machina in Euripidean Drama
    Advisor: Dana Munteanu
  • Liu Yang, Entomology
    From Molecules to Ecosystem: How Does Mosquito Respond to Changing Environments?
    Advisor: Peter Piermarini
  • Michael Winer, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Students' Reasoning with Geometric Proofs that use Triangle Congruence Postulates
    Advisor: Michael Battista
  • Qiang Zhai, Computer Science & Engineering
    Human and Mobile Robot Tracking in Environments with Different Scales
    Advisor: Dong Xuan
  • Olga Kondratjeva, Public Policy and Management
    Exploring the Connection of Formal and Informal Borrowing and Household Well-Being: The Case of Nepal
    Advisor: Stephanie Moulton
  • Daniel Glasscock, Mathematics
    Combinatorial, geometric, and number theoretic notions of largeness for subsets of Zd
    Advisor: Vitaly Bergelson
  • Emma Hooper, Human Devlp and Family Science
    Maternal Emotion Socialization and Children's Emotional Development
    Advisor: Xin Feng
  • Andrew Kissel, Philosophy
    Experiential Arguments for Free Will
    Advisor: Richard Samuels
  • Dinglei Huang, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Unpacking Mathematics Teacher Educators' Decision Making When Designing Online Professional Development Programs
    Advisor: Azita Manouchehri
  • Brenden Bishop, Psychology
    Examining Random-Coeffcient Pattern-Mixture Models for Longitudinal Data with Informative Dropout
    Advisor: Robert Cudeck
  • July 13
  • RIchard Gallenstein, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Three Essays on Agricultural Microfinance and Risk Management
    Advisor: Mario Miranda
  • Taylor Murphy, Industrial and Systems Eng
    Within Reach: The Contribution of Dynamic Viewpoints to Machine Mediated Perception in Remote Environments
    Advisor: Michael Rayo, Jr
  • Antonio Bentivegna, Spanish & Portuguese
    Umorismo grafico y millitancia durante la guerra civil espanola (1936-1939): La Ametrailadora y L'Esquella de la Torratxa
    Advisor: Salvador Garcia
  • Eric Danhart, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Protein and RNA Structure and Function by NMR Spectroscopy
    Advisor: Mark Foster
  • Miguel Valerio, Spanish & Portuguese
    Kkings of the Kongs, Slaves of the Vergin Mary: Afroconfraternities Performing Cultural Agency in the Early Modern Iberian Atlantic
    Advisor: Lisa Voigt
  • July 14
  • J. Landon Garry, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Imaging Methods for Passive Radar
    Advisor: Graeme Smith
  • Steven Whitaker, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Informing Physics-Based Particle Deposition Models Using Novel Experimental Techniques to Evaluate Particle-Surface Interactions
    Advisor: Jeffrey Bons
  • Isha Rajbhandari, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    The Impact of Oil and Gas Developments on Local Economies in USA
    Advisor: Mark Partridge
  • Zi Tong, Chemical Engineering
    CO2 Facilitated Transport Membranes for Hydrogen Purification and Flue Gas Carbon Capture
    Advisor: W.S. Ho
  • July 18
  • Ahmet Cakanel, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Self-Optimization Design Based on Sliding Mode Control Systems
    Advisor: Vadim Utkin
  • July 31
  • Rhae Sung Kim, Geodetic Science
    Estimating snow depth of alpine snowpack via multifrequency airborne measurements: Colorado, USA
    Advisor: Michael Durand
  • August 2
  • Kelly Atkinson, Political Science

    Advisor: Sarah Brooks
  • August 18
  • Ann Jacobson, History of Art
    Strange Visions: Bjorn Melhus and the Space of Technology
    Advisor: Kristina Paulsen

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