Dissertation Defenses

  • October 20
  • Sara Thomas, OSU Nutrition Program
    Mechanisms of xanthophyll uptake in retinal pigment epithelial cells
    Advisor: Earl Harrison
  • October 21
  • KayLoni Olson, Psychology
    Eating, exercise, and quality of life: The role of body image among adult women attempting weight loss
    Advisor: Charles Emery
  • October 24
  • Adam Pettis, Rural Sociology
    Assessing Hunting Participation Correlates in Ohio: An Examination of Influences and Scholarship Related to the Pursuit of Wild Game
    Advisor: Jeff Sharp
  • Kayla Perry, Entomology
    Responses of ground-dwelling invertebrate communities to disturbance in forest ecosystems
    Advisor: Daniel Herms
  • October 25
  • Sarah Siff, History
    Tough on Dope: Crime and Politics in California's Drug Wars, 1946-1963
    Advisor: David Stebenne
  • October 26
  • Austin Mount-Campbell, Health and Rehabilitation Sci
    E-BrainRN: A design concept for patient handover support in hospital care based on identification of useful aspects of paper-based artifacts for registered nurses
    Advisor: Emily Patterson
  • October 27
  • Stephanie Levitt, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Belonging Beyond the Classroom: Examining the Importance of College Students' Sense of Belonging to Student Organizations for Student Success
    Advisor: Lynley Anderman
  • October 28
  • Matthew Fullen, Educational Studies
    "Gray Hair is a Crown of Glory": A Multivariate Analysis of Wellness, Resilience, and Internalized Ageism in Older Adults
    Advisor: Darcy Granello
  • November 1
  • Riley Splittstoesser, Industrial and Systems Eng
    Inflammatory Responses to Combinations of: Mental Load, Repetitive Lifting and Subject Personality
    Advisor: William Marras
  • Douglas Sponsler, Entomology
    Honey bee landscape ecology: spatial perspectives on foraging, toxic exposure, and colony success
    Advisor: Reed Johnson
  • Matthew Gibson, Physics
    Reading the Epigenetic State of Chromatin Alters its Accessibility
    Advisor: Michael Poirier
  • Yuan Tian, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Topics in Phylogenetic Species Tree Interence under the Coalescent Model
    Advisor: Laura Kubatko
  • Yuan Tian, Plant Cellular and Molecular B
    Topics in Phylogenetic Species Tree Interence under the Coalescent Model
    Advisor: Laura Kubatko
  • David Ely, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Preparing Teachers to Integrate computer Programming Into Mathematical Problem Solving
    Advisor: Patricia Brosnan
  • November 2
  • Dane Smith, Physics
    Resonant Flquet scattering of ultracold atoms
    Advisor: Eric Braaten
  • Santosh Dhakal, Food Science and Technology
    Evaluation of synergistic, additive and antagonistic effects on selected liquid food constituents by reaction kinetic approach
    Advisor: V.M. Balasubramaniam
  • November 3
  • Kelly George, Environment&Natural Resources
    Human-Animal Relationships: Analyzing the growing concern for animals
    Advisor: Jeremy Bruskotter
  • November 4
  • Miao Wang, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Design of a Double-End Sourced Multi-Chip Power Module and a High Power-Density Three-Phase Inverter
    Advisor: Longya Xu
  • Katarzyna Dembek, Comparativ&VetMed
    Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysfunction in critically ill neonatal foals
    Advisor: Ramiro Toribio
  • Lindsey Anstine, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Valve cell dynamics in developing, mature, and aging heart valves
    Advisor: Joy Lincoln
  • November 7
  • Bo Wang, Chemistry
    Towards Commercializable Featured Zeolites - Mesoporous Particles, Nanoparticles and Bendable Zeolite Membranes
    Advisor: Prabir Dutta
  • November 9
  • Cindy Barrera Martinez, Food, Agri & Biological Eng
    Novel Renewable Materials from Natural Rubber and Agro-Industrial Residues
    Advisor: Katrina Cornish
  • November 10
  • Phile Wu, Industrial and Systems Eng
    Electric Vehicle Charging Network Design and Control Strategies
    Advisor: Ramteen Sioshansi
  • Sara Koenig, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Investigation of Notch1 Functions in Aortic Valve disease and Ascending Aortic Aneurysms
    Advisor: Vidu Garg
  • November 14
  • Brittany Hand, Health and Rehabilitation Sci
    Caregiver burden, participation, and sensory subtypes in children with autism
    Advisor: Amy Darragh
  • November 15
  • Peter Le, Industrial and Systems Eng
    An Index to Describe Coactivation in the Lumbar and Cervical Spine
    Advisor: William Marras
  • November 18
  • Xiao Liu, Industrial and Systems Eng
    Integer Programming Approaches to Risk-averse Optimization
    Advisor: Guzin Bayraksan
  • November 21
  • Sihao Ding, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Multi-perspective Image and Video Processing for Human-Machine Interaction
    Advisor: Yuan Zheng
  • Nicholas Irwin, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Essays on Environmental Regulation and Urban Redevelopment
    Advisor: Elena Irwin
  • November 22
  • Daniel Huber, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Structure and properties of martensitic Ti-Ta binary alloys for biocompatibility
    Advisor: Hamish Fraser
  • December 7
  • Unnikrishnan S, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Jet noise and source localization and identification
    Advisor: Datta Gaitonde

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