Dissertation Defenses

  • December 13
  • Steven Lownes, Spanish & Portuguese
    Johnny 'Joaozinho' Reb: The Creation and Evolution of confederate Identity in Brazil
    Advisor: Pedro Pereira
  • Mithila Agnihotri, Biophysics
    Dynamics of biomolecules: Dielectric spectrum of DNA and assembly of peptide fibrils
    Advisor: Sherwin Singer
  • Zakari Eckert, Mechanical Engineering
    Non-equilibrium Combustion: Applications in Plasma Assisted Combustion and Chemical Gas Lasers
    Advisor: Igor Adamovich
  • December 14
  • Nick Long, OSU Biochemistry Program
    Biophysical Enhancement of Protein Therapeutics and Diagnostics Through Genetic Engineered Linkers
    Advisor: Thomas Magliery
  • December 15
  • Danielle Izilda Rodrigues da Silva, Translational Plant Sciences
    Comprehensive analysis of sugarcane (Saccharum spp) gene expression changes in response to drought an re-watering conditions
    Advisor: Andrew Michel
  • Gregory Ngirmang, Physics
    Particle-in-Cell Simulations of the Acceleration of Electrons from the Interaction of a Relativistic Laser Reflecting from Solid Density Targets
    Advisor: Christopher Orban
  • Meng Huang, Chemical Physics
    Spectroscopy Studies of Free Radicals and Ions Containing Large Amplitude Motions
    Advisor: Terry Miller
  • Andrew Klarner, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Development of Mg-Al-SN and Mg-AL-Sl Alloys and Optimization of Super Vacuum Die Casting Process for Lightweight Applications
    Advisor: Aihua Luo
  • December 18
  • Michael Brooker, Environmental Science
    Water contaminants of the Lake Erie Watershed
    Advisor: Jonathan Witter
  • Jacob Gordon, Physics
    A Binned Search for Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos with Data from the Third Flight of the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna
    Advisor: Amy Hill
  • Zhou Wang, Physics
    Mid-Infrared Strong-Field Laser Interactions with Nanoclusters and Semiconductors
    Advisor: Louis DiMauro
  • December 19
  • Yen-Ling Liu, Civil Engineering
    The Fate and Treatment of Algal Toxins in Drinking Water Sources and Treatment Processes
    Advisor: John Lenhart
  • December 22
  • Kirsten Smith, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Success has always been attractive to me.: Voices of Gifted, African American Males
    Advisor: James Moore
  • December 28
  • Yu Hang Lai, Physics
    Strong Field Phenomena in Atoms and Molecules from Near to Mid-Infrared Laser Fields
    Advisor: Louis DiMauro
  • January 11
  • Dan Clifton, Health and Rehabilitation Sci
    Functional Contributions to Lower Extremity Musculsketal Injury in High School soccer and Backetball Athletes
    Advisor: James Onate
  • January 22
  • Sarah Huber, Social Work
    Method-Specific Barriers and Facilitators: A Novel Evaluation of Modern Contraception in Rural Malawi
    Advisor: Sharvari Karandikar
  • January 30
  • Smarajit Mukherjee, Mechanical Engineering
    Time-and Space-Resolved Heat Transfer Model for Spark-Ignition Engines
    Advisor: Ahmet Selamet

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