Dissertation Defenses

  • February 28
  • Marissa Stewart, Anthropology
    Bioarchaeological and Social Implications of Mortuary Behavior in Medieval Italy
    Advisor: Clark Larsen
  • Amy Knupp, Nursing
    Associations among Aspects of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nursing Practice Environment, Individual Nurse Characteristics, and Self-Perceived Nurse Fatigue
    Advisor: Thelma Patrick
  • Joseph Anderson, Computer Science & Engineering
    Geometric Methods for Robust Data Analysis in High Dimension
    Advisor: Anastasios Sidiropoulos
  • March 1
  • Yanty Wirza, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Identity, Language Ideology and Transnational Experiences of Indonesian EFL Learners and Users: A Narrative Study
    Advisor: Keiko Samimy
  • March 3
  • Xiang Pan, Computer Science & Engineering
    Designing Future Low-Power and Secure Processors with Non-Volatile Memory
    Advisor: Mircea-Radu Teodorescu
  • Murat Yasavul, Linguistics
    Questions and Answers in K'iche'
    Advisor: Carl Pollard
  • March 6
  • Aaron Comstock, Anthropology
    Climate Change, Migration, and the Emergence of Village Life on the Mississippian Periphery: A Middle Ohio Valley Case Study
    Advisor: Robert Cook
  • March 7
  • Adam Kimura, Electrical and Computer Engine
    Development of Trust Metrics for Quantifying Design Integrity and Error Implementation Cost
    Advisor: Steven Bibyk
  • March 8
  • Yu-Sheng Ou, Physics
    Ultrafast Study of Dynamic Exchange Coupling in Ferromagnet/Oxide/Semiconductor Heterostructures
    Advisor: Ezekiel Johnston-Halperin
  • Sagar Deshpande, Geodetic Science
    Semi-automated methods to create a hydroflattened DEM using Single Photon and Linear mode LiDAR
    Advisor: Alper Yilmaz
  • Sravanti Paluri, Food, Agri & Biological Eng
    Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Effective Water Diffusivity in Lipids
    Advisor: Dennis Heldman
  • March 9
  • John Frelka, Food Science and Technology
    Effect of Freezing and Frozen Storage on Physical Quality of Meat
    Advisor: Dennis Heldman
  • Karen Munnelly, Arts Admin, Education & Policy
    Understanding Career & Degree Expectations of Undergraduate Music Majors
    Advisor: Wayne Lawson
  • Margaret Raabe, Biomedical Engineering
    The Effect of Core Stability on Running Mechanics in Novice Runners
    Advisor: Ajit Chaudhari
  • Kimberly Masteller, History of Art
    Kalacuri Mandala: Royal Patronage and Ritual Authority in Medieval India
    Advisor: Byron Hamann
  • March 10
  • Daniel McKim, Neuroscience Graduate Prog
    Neuroimmune and Hematopoietic Regulation of Stress-Induced Anxiety
    Advisor: John Sheridan
  • March 13
  • Dominic Petrella, Horticulture and Crop Science
    Integration of Light, Flavonoid, and Auxin Signaling in Root Stress Responses of Poaceae Species
    Advisor: David Gardner
  • March 15
  • Anas Abumunshar, Electrical and Computer Engine
    K, Ka-Bank Tightly Coupled Dipole Array Antenna for SATCOM Applications
    Advisor: Kubilay Sertel
  • March 28
  • Aritra Sengupta, Computer Science & Engineering
    Hybrid Static-Dynamic Analysis for Serializability and Strong Semantics in concurrent Software
    Advisor: Michael Bond
  • Joseph Maiorano, Education:Teaching & Learning
    We Can't Teach Who We Don't Know: Black males, K-12 Schools
    Advisor: Brian Edmiston
  • April 3
  • Jiansheng Zhong, Economics
    Essays on Small Open Economies
    Advisor: Pok-sang Lam
  • April 4
  • Yuan Wang, Economics
    Tax competition, Tax policy, and Innovation
    Advisor: Pok-sang Lam
  • Julio Fatoretto, Translational Plant Sciences
    Molecular characterization of Spodoptera frugiperda resistant to Vip3Aa20 Bt protein
    Advisor: Andrew Michel
  • April 7
  • James Chen, Economics
    Essays on Learning, Decision-making and Attention
    Advisor: Ian Krajbich
  • April 10
  • Reid Hardaway, English
    Ovidian Ekphrasis in the Middle Ages
    Advisor: Ethan Knapp
  • April 12
  • Carolyn Elerding, Comparative Studies
    Mechanical Clouds and Other Concrete Abstractions: Materiality, Enlightenment, and the Digital
    Advisor: Philip Armstrong
  • April 14
  • Amy Gregg, Comparative Studies
    Nineteenth-Century American Medicine: The Implications of Professionalism, Capitalism, and Implicit Bias
    Advisor: Maurice Stevens
  • December 31
  • Tatevik Broutian, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    The Study of HPV Integration as a Means for Discovery of Driver Henes in HNSCC
    Advisor: Maura Gillison

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