Dissertation Defenses

  • May 1
  • Bo Zhang, Molecular Genetics
    Compartments without Borders - Disecting the Roles for P-Bodies through HRR25 Protein Kinase
    Advisor: Paul Herman
  • Katja Meyer, Chemical Engineering
    Perovskite-type Oxides as Electrocatalysts in High Temperature Solid Electrolyte Reactor Applications
    Advisor: Umit Ozkan
  • Morgan Schunn, Communication
    Using the Integrative Model to Understans Factors Influencing Graduate Teaching Assistants' Teaching Development Attendance
    Advisor: Shelly Hovick
  • Tiffany Salter, English
    Decolonizing Forms: Linguistic Practice, Experimentation, and U.S. Empire in Asian American and Pacific Islander Literature
    Advisor: Martin Ponce
  • Hsiang-Ning Kung, Music
    Cultural Influence on the Perception and Cognition of Musical Pulse and Meter
    Advisor: Udo Will
  • Ryan McMahon, History
    Unfinished, Unloved, UNKRA: The Formation, Life, and Financial Enervation of the United Nations Korean Reconstruction Agency (1950-1954)
    Advisor: Mitchell Lerner
  • Tyler Gorham, Public Health
    Investigation of cyanobacteria blooms as an environmental risk factor for various cancer types
    Advisor: Jiyoung Lee
  • Fenglong You, Mathematics
    A Mirror Theorem for Toric Stack Bundles
    Advisor: Hsian-Hua Tseng
  • Khadija El Kholy, Molecular Cellular and Dev Bio
    Dual Inhibitory and Immunomodulatory effects of Ibrutinib against Hepatocellular carcinoma
    Advisor: Kalpana Ghoshal
  • Mariantonieta Gutierrez Soto, Civil Engineering
    Intelligent Multi-Agent Structural Control Methodology for Protection of Infrastructure
    Advisor: Hojjat Adeli
  • Kuldeep Mamtani, Chemical Engineering
    Carbon-based Materials for Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR) and Oxygen Evolution Reaction (OER) in Acidic Media
    Advisor: Umit Ozkan
  • Manal Habbal, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Classroom discourse in an Arabic foreign language classroom and the perceived bnefits of interactions among learners: A case study of college-level Heritage Language Learners (HLLs) and Foreign Language Learners (FLLs)
    Advisor: Keiko Samimy
  • May 2
  • Jessica Hey, Art Education
    The Death of the Poster
    Advisor: James Sanders, III
  • Matthew Holding, Evolution Ecology & Org Bio
    Evolution of Rattlesnake Venom Involves Geographically Structured Coevolution and Local Adaptation to Prey
    Advisor: H. Lisle Gibbs
  • Sara Wilder, English
    Looking Beyond One-to-One Tutoring: Investigating Collaboration and Authority in Multisisciplinary Writing Center-Sponsored Writing Groups
    Advisor: Beverly Moss
  • Yue Qiao, Computer Science & Engineering
    Attacks and Counterattacks on Physical Layer Primitives
    Advisor: Anish Arora
  • Carlotta Penn, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Thriving and Surviving: The Counternarratives of Black Women Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
    Advisor: Valerie Kinloch
  • Vivek Chowdhary, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Role of miR-122 in Acetaminophen Induced Liver Injury
    Advisor: Kalpana Ghoshal
  • Yuanyuan Jia, Geodetic Science
    Applications of Synthetic Aperture Radar and SAR Interferometry Data to Study Active Layer and Wetland Water Level Changes
    Advisor: CK Shum
  • Xia Yongjie, Chemistry
    Conformation of Y145Stop Prion Protein in Solution and Amyloid Fibrils Probed by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
    Advisor: Christopher Jaroniec
  • Karen Koehler, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Examining the Conceptual Understandings of Geoscience Concepts of Students with Visual Impairments: Implication of 3-D Printing
    Advisor: Tiffany Wild
  • May 3
  • Torsa Ghosal, English
    Books in 'looking-glass hands': Experientiality in post-1980s Multimodal Print Literature
    Advisor: Brian McHale
  • Deborah Lan, Education:Teaching & Learning
    An Exploratory Study on 2-year College Students Reasoning Processes and Argumentation
    Advisor: Lin Ding
  • Erin Kane, Anthropology
    Socioecology, stree, and reproduction among female Diana monkeys (cercopithecus diana) in Cote d'Ivoire's Tai National Park
    Advisor: William McGraw
  • Thomas Corrigan, Chemistry

    Advisor: Christopher Hadad
  • Benedict Novotny Owen, English
    Mnemonic Art: Cartoon Aesthetics and Modernism in the United States
    Advisor: Jared Gardner
  • Austin Kocher, Geography
    Notice to Appear: Immigration Courts and the Legal Production of Illegal Immigrants
    Advisor: Mathew Coleman
  • May 4
  • Jameson Scott, Geological Sciences
    Towards a Petrologically Constrained Thermal Model of Mid-Ocean Ridges
    Advisor: Michael Barton
  • Rachel Shirley, Nuclear Engineering
    Three Ways to Use Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Data in Human Reliability Analysis
    Advisor: Carol Smidts
  • Andrew Skabelund, History
    The Grain of Sand that Moved the Sea: The Habitants of the Senegambia and France, 1700-1779
    Advisor: James Genova
  • Stephanie Lauback, Physics
    Magnetic Actuation of Biological Systems
    Advisor: Ratnasingham Sooryakumar
  • Chelsea Voskuilen, Psychology
    Models of Decision-Making
    Advisor: Roger Ratcliff
  • Grady Gambrel, Physics
    Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of Two-Dimensional Materials
    Advisor: Jay Gupta
  • Jeong-a Kim, Educational Studies
    Mobilization and Transformation of the Teacher Pay-for-Performance Policy in South Korea
    Advisor: Jan Nespor
  • Louisa Roberts, Sociology
    The Globalization of the Acceptance of Homosexuality: Mass Opinion and National Policy
    Advisor: Ryan King
  • May 5
  • Diego Alzate-Correa, Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Regulation of Suprachiasmatic Nucleus and Hippocampal Cellular Activity as a Function of circadian Signaling
    Advisor: Kari Hoyt
  • Matthew Roesch, French & Italian
    Cinema, Moteur, Action: Aesthetic tendencies in contemporary French action film
    Advisor: Margaret Flinn
  • Swaroop Joshi, Computer Science & Engineering
    CONSIDER: A Novel, Online Approach to Conflict-Driven Collaborative-Learning
    Advisor: Neelam Soundarajan
  • Jesse Goliath, Anthropology
    A 3D Morphological Analysis of the Ontogenetic Patterning of Human Subchondral Bone in the Proximal Tibia
    Advisor: Samuel Stout
  • Leanne Williamson, Psychology
    Flexible Multidimensional Item Response Theory Models Incorporating Response Styles
    Advisor: Paul De Boeck
  • Martreece Watson, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Telling Their Stories: Black d/Deaf High School Students Graduating with Diplomas, A Case Study
    Advisor: Elaine Richardson
  • Michael Fausnaugh, Astronomy
    Reverberation Mapping of the Continuum Source in Active Galactic Nuclei
    Advisor: Bradley Peterson
  • May 8
  • Brooke Harris, Education:Teaching & Learning
    We came together on the idea of being foreign: Learning from the educators of Immigrant and Refugee Youth
    Advisor: Valerie Kinloch
  • Sharmin Faraj, Agricultural and Extension Edu
    Teachers' Perceptions toward Sustainable Agriculture in an Ohio Science High School
    Advisor: M. Whittington
  • Claire Conley, Psychology
    Decision-Making among Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer: Complementary Roles of Emotion and Cognition
    Advisor: Barbara Andersen
  • May 10
  • James Morton, Kinesiology
    Future Issues in the Economic, Legal and sociocultural Sectors of the NCAA Division 1 FBS Intercollegiate Athletics Environment
    Advisor: Donna Pastore
  • Tae Eun Kim, Mathematics
    Quasi-solution approach to nonlinear integro-differential equations
    Advisor: Saleh Tanveer
  • May 11
  • Donja Thomas, Education:Teaching & Learning
    FreeDumb Fighting: The literacy and Liberation of Young People through African American Voice
    Advisor: Valerie Kinloch
  • May 12
  • Kayhan Moharreri, Computer Science & Engineering
    Augmenting Collective Expert Networks to Improve Service Level Compliance
    Advisor: Gagan Agrawal
  • May 15
  • Xiaoyu Liu, Oral Biology
    The Yin and Yang of Inflammation
    Advisor: Ning Quan
  • May 17
  • Megan Bowman, Political Science
    Oil Wealth and Ruling Party Longevity in Democracies
    Advisor: Marcus Kurtz
  • Ali Alasmari, Education:Teaching & Learning
    Examining Reading Comprehension Strategies Selected and Used by two Teachers of d/Dhh Students in an Elementary School Classroom
    Advisor: Peter Paul
  • Zulal Fazlioglu Akin, Art Education
    Cultural Policy in Turkey - EU Relations
    Advisor: Margaret Wyszomirski
  • Sally Henderson, Comparativ&VetMed
    Translating the Anti-Tumor/Anti-Cachectic Activity of AR-42, a Novel HDAC Inhibitor, into Pancreatic Cancer Therapy
    Advisor: Ching-Shih Chen
  • Travis McMurphy, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Environmental and gene therapy approaches to improve glycemic control and promote healthy aging
    Advisor: Lei Cao
  • May 30
  • Aniket Chakrabarti, Computer Science & Engineering

    Advisor: Srinivasan Parthasarathy
  • June 2
  • Alfred Rossi, Computer Science & Engineering
    Temporal clustering of finite metric spaces and spectral k-clustering
    Advisor: Tamal Dey
  • June 13
  • Sergio Diaz Sierra, Political Science
    The Role of Coherence in the Development of Ideologies: A Case Study of Conservation Thought on Immigration from 1995-2000
    Advisor: William Minozzi
  • June 19
  • Kathryn Dotzel, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Three Papers on Human Capital and Innovation in the United States
    Advisor: Mark Partridge
  • June 23
  • Khushbu Mishra, Agr, Env & Devp Econ
    Three Essays in Gender and Development Economics
    Advisor: Abdoul Sam
  • May 8
  • Raphael Da Cunha, Political Science
    Financial Globalization & Democracy: Foreign Capital, Domestic Capital, and Political Uncertainty in the Emerging World
    Advisor: Sarah Brooks

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