Dissertation Defenses

  • January 19
  • Suyi Wang, Computer Science & Engineering
    Analyzing data with 1D non-linear structures using topological methods
    Advisor: Yusu Wang
  • January 22
  • Sarah Huber, Social Work
    Method-Specific Barriers and Facilitators: A Novel Evaluation of Modern Contraception in Rural Malawi
    Advisor: Sharvari Karandikar
  • January 28
  • Yanting Guo, Environmental Science
    Using Water Quality Trading to Promote Conservation Measure Adoption in Blanchard River Watershed, Ohio, in the Context of Climate Change
    Advisor: Karen Mancl
  • January 30
  • Smarajit Mukherjee, Mechanical Engineering
    Time-and Space-Resolved Heat Transfer Model for Spark-Ignition Engines
    Advisor: Ahmet Selamet

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