Dissertation Defenses

  • September 30
  • Adam Clark, Aero and Astronautical Eng
    Predicting Crosswind Performance of High Bypass Ratio Turbofan Engine Inlets
    Advisor: Jen-Ping Chen
  • October 3
  • Lisa Zevorich, History
    To Think for Themselves: Teaching Faith and Reason in Nineteenth-Century America
    Advisor: John Brooke
  • October 5
  • Amanda Bundy, History
    There Was a Man of UNRRA: Internationalism, Humanitarianism, and the Early Cold War, 1943-1947
    Advisor: Jennifer Siegel
  • October 6
  • Sharon Watkins, Education:Policy & Leadership
    Thinking Outside a Shifting Box: Lived Experiences of Innovative Public High School Principals in an Era of High Stakes Accountability
    Advisor: Anika Anthony
  • October 10
  • Jiheon Jun, Materials Sci and Engineering
    Loclized Corrosion of S13Cr Stainless Steel in H2S-free and Sour Brines at Elevated Temperature
    Advisor: Gerald Frankel
  • October 13
  • Bizhen Hu, Horticulture and Crop Science
    Improve Tomato Grafting Technologies
    Advisor: Matthew Kleinhenz
  • October 17
  • Alaina Martinez, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Variant Requirements for DNA repair proteins in cancer cell lines that use alternative lengthening of telomeres
    Advisor: Jeffrey Parvin
  • Cynthia Wu, Biomedical Sciences Grad Prog
    Impacts of Aging and Inflammation on Mycobacterium tuberculosis Control
    Advisor: Joanne Turner
  • November 15
  • Peter Le, Industrial and Systems Eng
    An Index to Describe Coactivation in the Lumbar and Cervical Spine
    Advisor: William Marras

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