Dissertation Defenses

  • September 27
  • Jaqueline Novakowiski, Plant Pathology
    Management of Scierotina stem rot of soybean and diversity of Pythium irregulare in Ohio
    Advisor: Anne Dorrance
  • October 4
  • Cindy Folck, Agricultural and Extension Edu
    Trouble in the air: Farmer' perception of risk, self-efficacy, and response efficacy regarding herbicide drift
    Advisor: Emily Buck
  • October 10
  • Jim Harris, History
    Body Politics: A History of Public Health and Politics in Britain, 1885-1922
    Advisor: Christopher Otter
  • October 16
  • Marta Kolczynska, Sociology
    Stratified modernity, protest, and democracy in cross-national perspective
    Advisor: Kazimierz Slomczynski

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