January 2013

There are steps you can take for career outcomes

Patrick S. Osmer — January 30, 2013
It’s easy to get caught up in all the important activities involved in pursuing a graduate degree--courses, research, exams, publications, and presentations. You might find yourself focusing on these activities rather than your larger goal: the career (or careers) that will be the outcome of your graduate study.
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New project: Student debt and financial needs

Patrick S. Osmer — January 16, 2013
Financing a graduate degree is a serious undertaking, as is managing debt. This is one of the major challenges facing students, families, and colleges and universities in the U.S. today. I am well-aware of the financial challenges faced by some of our graduate students, and I’m glad to announce that I will be working on a national project focused on these issues.
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Outcomes or Placements?

Patrick S. Osmer — January 09, 2013
It’s never too early to think about the career paths you might follow after earning your master’s or Ph.D. degree from Ohio State. This is a topic of national and international importance in the graduate community, and I am active in those discussions and at Ohio State. Last week, one of Ohio State’s own graduate faculty wrote a column for the Chronicle of Higher Education about this topic.
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Getting a good start on spring semester

Patrick S. Osmer — January 03, 2013
I want to share a few observations with you now we’re starting Ohio State’s first “spring” semester. This semester is long, and it runs through the winter months until the end of April. The start of each semester requires a lot from graduate students, and I want to remind you to pace yourself.
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