February 2011

Professionally oriented master's

Patrick S. Osmer — February 28, 2011
This message to the graduate faculty is about professionally oriented master’s programs. I have several outcomes in mind: to stimulate creative thinking about such programs and to host face-to-face forums or workshops for faculty on this topic. The ultimate goal is the development of new professionally oriented master’s programs where appropriate ...
Tagged under: professional master's, attrition, economic impact, graduate program development
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Thanks for the responses

Patrick S. Osmer — February 11, 2011
I'm pleased with how this experiment in direct communication is going. My first post generated thoughtful responses ...
Tagged under: professional master's
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Wednesday's quarterly meeting

Patrick S. Osmer — February 16, 2011
I very much appreciated the opportunity to discuss some of our new thoughts and initiatives regarding with you and to get your comments and feedback. Materials from the meeting, including those pertaining to semester conversion, have been posted....
Tagged under: professional master's, recruitment, retention, semester conversion, diversity, English as Second Language
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