May 2011

Doctoral education at Ohio State

Patrick S. Osmer — May 24, 2011
This post is focused on the future of doctoral education at Ohio State. My purpose in writing is to initiate a dialog with the graduate faculty across campus about the highest degree we offer, the Ph.D., the degree that in essence defines a research university. I want to engage you in conversation here first, and I encourage you to post your comments below.
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Summary: April 15 open forum, professionally oriented master's

Patrick S. Osmer — May 05, 2011
What I want to do here is to summarize what was covered and to use this as a starting point for our next steps. We're planning several informal workshops where faculty who are interested in exploring the possibilities in more detail can come together and get some pragmatic advice from us in the Graduate School and other programs that already have such programs in place.
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