Candidacy Exams

The doctoral candidacy examination is a single examination consisting of two portions, written and oral, administered under the auspices of the local program’s Graduate Studies Committee in conjunction with the advisory committee and the Graduate School. Section 7.4 of the Graduate School Handbook contains all policies and procedures governing candidacy examinations for doctoral students.

Doctoral students may take the candidacy examination at any time considered appropriate by their advisory committees and their graduate studies committee but no later than two semesters or one semester and a summer session before graduation. Doctoral students must be in good standing in the Graduate School and be registered for at least three credit hours each semester or session in which they take any part of the candidacy examination.

Written Portion

The written portion of the candidacy examination may be administered within a limited time period or given sequentially over an extended time period. Rules for the form, timing, scheduling, sequence, and conduct of the written portion are determined by local graduate studies committees.

Consult Section 7.5 of the Graduate School Handbook for all Graduate School policies and procedures governing the written portion of the candidacy examination.

Oral Portion

The oral portion of the candidacy examination last approximately two hours and is held after completion of the written portion. The oral portion normally must be completed within one month of the written portion. The Graduate School must be notified at least two weeks in advance of the oral's proposed time and place by the submission of an Application for Candidacy at GRADFORMS. The application must be submittd by the student and approved by the student's graduate program and advisor at least two weeks before the oral date. The candidacy examination must take place during announced university business hours, Monday through Friday.

Consult Section 7.6 of the Graduate School Handbook for all policies and procedures relating to the oral portion of the candidacy exam.

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