Doctoral Examinations

Doctoral degree programs give students the opportunity to achieve a high level of scholarly competence and to develop the capacity to contribute to the knowledge of their field. At this university, doctoral degree programs consist of a coherent pattern of courses and other educational experiences, a candidacy examination, a dissertation (Ph.D.) or document (D.M.A.), and a final oral examination.

Candidacy Examination

The doctoral candidacy examination is a single examination consisting of two portions, written and oral, administered under the auspices of the local program’s Graduate Studies Committee in conjunction with the advisory committee and the Graduate School. Section 7.4 of the Graduate School Handbook contains all policies and procedures governing candidacy examinations for doctoral students. More

Final oral examination

The final oral examination tests originality, independence of thought, the ability to synthesize and interpret, and the quality of research presented. The final oral examination concerns principles and historic perspective as well as data. The final oral examination includes but is not limited to discussion of the dissertation. The examiners often pursue lines of thought and argument from the data and concepts that have contributed to the research and to its critical evaluation by the student. More


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