Environmental and Life Sciences at Ohio State

Launch of the Environmental Sciences Network and Life Sciences Network

On October 31, 2011, all Ohio State graduate faculty members received an electronic letter announcing the launches of the Environmental Sciences Network and the Life Sciences Network. Full announcement

The networks will help draw together Ohio State faculty, graduate students, and others who are advancing research in the environmental sciences and the life sciences. The networks will provide the support necessary for faculty and graduate students across our full range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary graduate programs to address important research topics in ways that have not been possible in the past.

Two Ohio State faculty members have been appointed to serve as the networks' first executive directors--Richard Moore, Environmental Sciences Network, and Kathlleen Boris-Lawrie, Life Sciences Network. More


Ohio State has tremendous strengths in the life sciences and environmental sciences, which was a finding in the Graduate School's doctoral program assessment process in spring 2008. In fall 2008, the provost convened two faculty task forces to explore the current state of Ohio State's efforts in these two broad, interdisciplinary fields.

Initial task force findings included: eliminating administrative and budget barriers between departmental and interdisciplinary graduate programs (IGPs); changing the culture of deans/chairs/faculty to recognize and support IGP efforts; focusing on major external funding opportunities; strengthening existing interdisciplinary graduate programs and nurturing new teams; increasing visibility of Ohio State research efforts and academic programs via web-based portals; and utilizing improved networking and knowledge management tools.

The reports from these task forces are providing the foundation for Ohio State's efforts to capitalize on these strengths by

  • catalyzing faculty and graduate students,
  • identifying and prioritizing research activities and funding opportunities,
  • providing more support for these activities, and
  • increasing the visibility of Ohio State's efforts in these critical areas.
Program Council for Life and Environmental Sciences

A Program Council for Life and Environmental Sciences is providing leadership for this effort. The program council is comprised of college deans with major efforts in the life and environmental sciences and is being advised by faculty steering committees.

Members: Pat Osmer, dean of the Graduate School, Henry Mann, dean of the College of Pharmacy; David Manderscheid, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences; Bruce McPheron, dean of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Science; Lonnie King, dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine; Charles Lockwood, dean of the College of Medicine; David Williams, dean of the College of Engineering; and Carol Whitacre, vice president for research.


Task force documents

Environmental Sciences task force report and summary

Charge to ES task force and membership

ES task force activity report

Life Sciences task force report and summary

Charge to LS task force and membership

LS task force activity report

Requests for information and questions may be directed to Susan Reeser, assistant to the dean, at (614) 247-7413.