Exam by Videoconference

How do I make arrangements to do an exam by videoconference?

Videoconferencing requires prior approval from the Graduate School. Students must submit a Petition for Graduate Committee and Examinations form to the Graduate School at least two weeks before the scheduled exam date. Voice-only conferencing is not allowed. Videoconferencing must be two-way visual with audio.

Technical arrangements for an exam done by videoconference are the responsibility of the student and advisor, along with the committee member who is long distance. Any related expenses resulting from videoconferencing are the responsibility of the student and/or local program.

The student and the advisor must be on the Ohio State campus and in the same room during the exam. Only a regular committee member can be long distance. All exam participants must see and hear each other during the entire exam.

The distant member may sign a faxed copy of the Examination Report form and Approval form and then fax them back. The distant member may not sign these forms by proxy.

Consult Appendix B in the Graduate School Handbook for a complete listing of videoconference guidelines. Questions may be directed to staff members in Graduation Services, at (614) 292-6031.


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Contact staff members in the Graduate School using the staff directory, or call (614) 292-6031.

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