FAQ-Dissertations and Theses

  1. What is the last day to turn in my thesis/dissertation?
    The published deadlines are listed on the Graduation Calendar. PhD/DMA and Master's Plan A students must submit their documents in PDF format, electronically, to the Graduate School through OhioLINK. The Graduate School receives the document about one hour after submission. Then, it will take a few hours for review and an acceptance e-mail to be sent. Once confirmation of acceptance is received, the student submits the Final or Thesis Approval form and a check or money order for fees. 

  2. Can I get an extension on the exam or dissertation/document deadline? And, what is End-of-Quarter?
    Examination and document submission deadlines have to be firm for the Graduate School to meet the deadline imposed by the university's Registrar’s Office to provide an accurate graduation list. However, if you applied to graduate but find yourself unable to meet the posted deadlines, you do have an option. If you complete all your degree requirements before the first day of classes for the next quarter, you may graduate that following quarter but are not required to register or pay fees for that quarter. This is the end-of-quarter deadline.

  3. I found a typo in my accepted document. Can I fix it?
    Once documents have been accepted to complete degree requirements, they cannot be changed. There are numerous typos in almost every document.

  4. Do I upload the entire document (even if I want a delay)?
    The documents are not public at the time of submission. They are filed in a pending folder that is seen only by the Graduate School. You need to upload the entire document so that it can be reviewed for degree requirement completion. If a Petition to Delay Publication is applicable, it will be applied at a later date so that only the abstract is made public on OhioLINK.

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