FAQ: Examinations and Final Oral Exams

How do I change the date/time/place of my Candidacy Examination or Final Oral Examination?

If the date, time, or place of your exam must be changed after you have submitted the notification form, notify Graduation Services immediately. Notification of the change must come in writing from your advisor or the chair of your graduate studies committee. Written notification may take the form of a note or letter, a fax (292-3656), or an e-mail to gsgfr@osu.edu. A telephone call is not sufficient to approve the change, but a call can help prevent assignment of a graduate faculty representative for the incorrect date or time.

For how many hours do I have to register?

You must be registered for at least three graduate credit hours in order to be eligible to take any part of a Candidacy Examination, a Final Oral Examination, or to graduate with either a master’s degree or doctoral degree. Audit hours do not count. International students on a visa should consult with the Office of International Education about enrollment criteria.

In general, graduate administrative associates, graduate research associates, and graduate teaching associates are required to register for eight credit hours (except during summer semester, when the number is reduced to four credit hours). AAs, GRAs, or GTAs who are post-candidacy are required to register for 3 graduate hours.

Can I have someone on my committee who is not a professor here at Ohio State?

Yes, by special petition. The Committee and Examination Petition must describe the reasons for the request. You must attach a copy of the proposed committee member's c.v. to the petition, which must be signed by you, your adviser, and the chair of your graduate studies committee. All materials must be submitted to the Graduate School for review. Approvals or denials are made on a case-by-case basis.

A member of my committee has left the university (or has retired). Can this person still be on my committee?

Yes, but not as advisor. Your graduate studies committee chair must write a letter to the Graduate School explaining the circumstances and indicating that the committee has no reservations about the former faculty member continuing on the committee. If more than one student is involved, the graduate studies committee chair may include a list of affected students in one letter. If your advisor leaves the university, he or she may be a co-advisor, along with a co-advisor from the graduate faculty at Ohio State. This change must be approved by the graduate studies committee in the student's degree program and the Graduate School.

A person who is no longer a member of the graduate faculty at Ohio State may only be on a committee  in addition to the required number of current Ohio State graduate faculty members that constitute a valid committee.

Can my defense/exam be at Children’s Hospital or another location off-campus?

No, with one exception. All exams or defenses must take place on the Columbus campus during normal business hours. The only exception is the Ohio State campus in Wooster, which is an authorized location. Normal business hours mean that the exam can begin as early as 7:30 a.m. and must end no later than 5:30 p.m.

I need to use videoconferencing for my Doctoral Oral Examination. What do I need to do?

Videoconferencing requires prior approval from the Graduate School. More

Can I get an extension on the exam or dissertation/document deadline? What is the end-of-semester deadline?

Examination and document submission deadlines have to be firm for the Graduate School to meet the deadlines imposed by the university's Office of the Registrar to provide an accurate graduation list. However, if you applied to graduate but find yourself unable to meet the posted deadlines, you do have the option of using the end-of-semester deadline. If you complete all of your degree requirements by the last business day before the start of the following semester, you may graduate that following semesterr but are not required to register or pay fees for that semester. This is the end-of-semester deadline.

What is the latest that I can defend?

To be eligible to graduate, you must defend and submit exam results no later than the published deadline for the semester of graduation. Examination and graduation deadlines. If you are using the end-of-semester deadline, which allows you to receive your degree the following semester without having to pay fees, you must have all degree requirements completed by the last business day before classes start the following semester.

For more information, contact a staff member in Graduation Services, (614) 292-6031.