Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the principal advisory body of the Graduate School and participates in the development of rules, policies, and standards pertaining to graduate programs, graduate associates, and graduate fellowships. Faculty from the range of graduate programs make up its membership.

  • to serve as an advisory group to the vice provost of graduate studies and dean of the Graduate School 
  • to participate in the development of rules, policies, and standards pertaining to graduate education and graduate programs and to act upon any question affecting those policies
  • to participate in the establishment of rules, policies, and standards governing graduate associates and graduate fellowships, including overseeing eligibility and allocation procedures for Graduate School fellowships
  • to review proposals for new or revised graduate degree programs, graduate minors, graduate interdisciplinary specializations, and other curricular matters
  • to submit to the Council on Academic Affairs recommendations about adopting or abolishing academic degrees administered by the Graduate School
  • to provide oversight for interdisciplinary graduate programs
  • to make recommendations about establishing, affiliating, and abolishing academic centers and other comparable organizations that are engaged in research or graduate education and make recommendations for determining the membership and authorities of their boards or governing bodies 
  • to approve, modify, or reverse actions taken by its standing or ad hoc committees
Graduate Council Membership, 2015-2016
  M. Scott Herness, Interim Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate School   STANDING
Non-voting members
  David Bowers, President, Council of Graduate Students   STANDING
  Caroline Whitacre, Senior Vice President for Research   STANDING
Arts & Sciences
  Hajime Miyazaki, Economics   2016
  Laura Lisbon, Art   2017
  John Freudenstein, Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology   2018
Health Sciences
  Joanna Groden, Molecular Virology, Immunology & Medical Genetics   2016
  John Walters, Dentistry   2017
  James DeWille, Veterinary Biosciences   2018
Professional Colleges
  Cheena Srinivasan, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering   2016
  Robert Greenbaum, John Glenn School of Public Affairs   2017
  Scott Scheer (faculty senator), Agricultural Communication, Education, and Leadership   2018
Graduate School
  Michael Lisa (faculty senator), Physics   2016
  Joseph Guada, Social Work   2017
  Andrea Grottoli (faculty senator), Earth Sciences   2018
Graduate Students nominated by Council of Graduate Students


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For a description of graduate council, see Section 13 in the Graduate School Handbook. Questions can be directed to Susan Reeser, dean's assistant, at (614) 247-7413.

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