Graduate Faculty

The graduate faculty are those members of the general faculty approved to conduct graduate education at Ohio State. Although appointment to the faculty must precede appointment to the graduate faculty and is a condition of it, a faculty appointment does not in itself confer graduate faculty membership.

Responsibilities and privileges

Graduate faculty have special responsibilities and privileges and are appointed in one of two categories: Category M or P. The category level is determined by the faculty member's qualifications and the functions the faculty member is expected to perform.

Only regular graduate faculty members are authorized to perform one or more of the following functions:

  1. Serve as advisor for master's degree students
  2. Direct master's theses
  3. Serve as advisor for doctoral degree students
  4. Direct doctoral dissertations or DMA documents
  5. Serve as Graduate Faculty Representative on second candidacy examination and final oral examination committees for doctoral students
  6. Participate in the governance of graduate education at all levels at Ohio State, including the Graduate Council
Nominations and status

Graduate studies committees appoint Category M graduate faculty members and notifies the Graduate School of its actions. For Category P membership, graduate studies committees must submit nominations to the Graduate School and certify that those nominated meet the requirements. Graduate programs may establish additional local criteria. The Graduate School reviews and makes decisions about all nominations to Category P. All graduate faculty nominations must be submitted by completing a Graduate Faculty form on GRADFORMS.

Graduate faculty database

The Graduate School maintains the graduate faculty list and provides a Graduate Faculty database portal for use by graduate faculty and graduate programs. This portal allows graduate faculty and graduate program adminstrators to view the current status and committee history for graduate faculty members.

See Section 15 of the Graduate School Handbook for a full description of graduate faculty roles and responsibilities. For questions about the graduate faculty nomination process and status, contact Sandra Krulikoski-Walden, at (614) 292-6031.

Need help?

Contact staff members in the Graduate School using the staff directory, or call (614) 292-6031.

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