Matching Tuition and Fee Award

The Graduate School may provide matching tuition and fee support to graduate students who receive a competitive stipend from a grant or other funding agency that does not cover tuition and fees.  Pre-approval from the Graduate School to match a grant or other external support is necessary.

  1. Graduate programs seeking a Matching Tuition and Fee Award must secure the Graduate School's approval as early as possible when seeking outside funding for graduate student support.
  2. Colleges must submit a priority statement, award/grant announcement, and budget to the Graduate School with each request.  
  3. Funding for specific students should be sought after the grant/external funding proposal has been pre-approved by the Graduate School and the proposal has been approved by the funding source.

Requests to the Graduate School are submitted online in the Graduate School’s Nomination System by clicking on the Fee Match tab (instructions). For pre-approval requests, the following materials must be uploaded as one PDF: 1) college priority statement, 2) proposed budget, and 3) award announcement, request for proposal, or grant overview.


Guidelines are available. Questions can be directed to Katherine Eckstrand, director of fellowship services, (614) 292-9490.