Graduate School Staff Directory


Scott Herness interim vice provost for graduate studies and dean of the Graduate School Bio
(614) 247-7413

Susan Reeser executive assistant to the dean
(614) 247-7413

Kathleen R. Wallace, assistant dean
(614) 247-7283

Ann Salimbene, assistant dean

(614) 247-7268

Ben Reder, administrative associate, communications and marketing coordinator
(614) 247-7300

Jill Toft,- administrative associate, and fellowship assistant
(614) 292-9490

Fellowship Services

Katherine Eckstrand, director
(614) 292-9490

Registration Services

(614) 292-6031

Samuel Jordan, director

Rusty Wilson, information associate

Emi Bungo, information associate

Lauren Pasquale, staff assistant

Petitions for late add/drop/audit

Transfer of graduate program

Transfer of graduate credit

Graduate admissions

For all other questions and issues

Graduation Services

Tim Watson, director
(614) 247-7292

Sandra Krulikoski-Walden, office administrative associate
(614) 247-7284

Wilma Barnfather, office administrative associate

(614) 292-7706

Questions, information, and petitions for graduate examinations and graduation

Recruitment and Diversity Initiatives

Cyndi Freeman, director
(614) 292-6998

Preparing Future Faculty and Career Development

Kathleen Wallace, assistant dean
(614) 247-7300

Ben Reder, program assistant
(614) 247-7300

Business Office

Lori Bowman, human resources and fiscal officer
(614) 247-7290

Rosemarie Thornton, human resources and fiscal assistant
(614) 247-7269

Information Technology

Doug Brownfield, director
(614) 292-2522

Brian Mowery, systems manager

(614) 247-7291

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Contact staff members in the Graduate School using the staff directory, or call (614) 292-6031.

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