Graduate School Strategic Plan

Pat Osmer, dean

Patrick S. Osmer,
Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate School 

The American Heritage Dictionary (1975) defines a university as “an institution of higher learning with teaching and research facilities comprising a graduate school and professional schools that award master’s degrees and doctorates and an undergraduate division that awards bachelor’s degrees.” Graduate education and a graduate school are therefore at the very core of a major research university such as Ohio State.

While graduate education is a core component of research universities, it is also a decentralized activity carried out by faculty working with students at the program level. To be effective, then, graduate education requires a strong, successful, mutually reinforcing partnership between the graduate programs and the Graduate School where the role of the Graduate School is to provide strategic leadership, foster quality, and provide services and support for graduate education across all graduate programs at Ohio State. Our approach to developing this strategic plan has taken into account this decentralized nature of graduate education, and our strategies and initiatives acknowledge our partnerships with other colleges and administrative units of the university.

The Graduate School's strategic plan has evolved from our doctoral program assessment process and other initiatives undertaken by the Graduate School over the past three years. Discussions with graduate faculty and students, department chairs, deans, and others help guide our work. These discussions occur in departmental meetings, the Graduate School’s quarterly meetings with chairs, and in numerous individual conversations. The ongoing work of the Graduate School’s deans and directors provide the base upon which we have built the specifics of our plan.

The clear goal of the doctoral program assessment process was to improve graduate education at Ohio State. That is happening. The Graduate School looks forward to exploring new ways in which to assure that our graduate programs continue to move from excellence to eminence.

For more information, please contact Patrick S. Osmer, vice provost of graduate studies and dean of the Graduate School, at (614) 247-7413.