Graduate Supplemental Fellowship Job Code (4874)

After consultation with the Graduate School, the Office of Human Resources has created a new job code (Graduate Supplemental Fellowship, 4874) to provide units with a mechanism to award supplemental funds to a graduate student holding a regular graduate associateship, fellowship, or traineeship as their primary source of support. 

Use of the new job code must begin with Autumn Quarter 2011 appointments. 

The Graduate School encourages all programs that award graduate supplemental fellowships to their supported graduate students to take the appropriate steps needed to create and begin using the Graduate Supplemental Fellowship job code (4874). 

Requirements for using the Graduate Supplemental Fellowship job code (4874)
  • It is a secondary position and must be used in conjunction with a graduate associate, graduate trainee, or graduate fellow appointment. The regular/primary appointment determines the graduate student's enrollment requirement and benefit eligibility.
  • It is a non-service award. Students cannot be required to perform a service for the university, and the university does not withhold income tax.
  • Monthly stipend should not exceed one half of the monthly stipend provided by the regular (primary) graduate student appointment.

Departments must begin using the new job code for AU11 appointments, and may want to begin creating and approving new positions with this job code now.  The 4874 job code allows multiple headcounts (one position can be created for multiple students).


The supplemental fellow job code does not provide the benefit of a graduate fee authorization or the 85% university student health insurance subsidy, like the regular Graduate Fellow job code (4875). 

The new job code should eliminate the automatic assessment of partial tuition and fees currently being charged when a unit posts a supplemental fellowship appointment using the regular (primary) graduate fellowship job code. 

Please see the complete Job Classification on the Office of Human Resources website at:

For Graduate School policy questions regarding the use of the new graduate supplemental fellowship job code, contact the Graduate School at 292-6031 or

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