Grand Opening of the Brazil Gateway

Patrick S. Osmer — October 09, 2014

Pat Osmer

International collaborations have been an essential part of research and graduate education for a long time.

Since 2010, Ohio State has been expanding its international efforts in even more strategic ways. Ohio State’s Gateway offices in China, India, and now Brazil are a key part.

On September 13, I participated in the grand opening of Ohio State’s Brazil Gateway in Sao Paulo. It was a energizing celebration of Ohio State’s 50 years of partnerships in Brazil and opportunities for new collaborations.

Two years ago, the Graduate School worked with Ohio State faculty to create Ohio State’s first dual international PhD program. Students earn a doctoral degree in Translational Plant Sciences at Ohio State and a doctoral degree in International Plant Cell and Molecular biology at University of Sao Paulo.

The Brazil Gateway is a portal for Ohio State activities in Brazil, bringing together alumni, global businesses, and researchers to develop new global opportunities for Ohio State students and faculty. I see tremendous opportunities for the Graduate School to continue to partner with the University of Sao Paulo  and other universities in Brazil,  and I’m looking forward to being part of those conversations.

Patrick S. Osmer is vice provost of graduate studies and dean of the Graduate School at Ohio State. He is also a recent past chair of the board of directors for the Council of Graduate Schools. Osmer was chair of the Ohio State astronomy department from 1993-2006.


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