Jazmine Gordon, SROP Scholar

Jazmine Gordon

Jazmine Gordon was a participant in the Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) during the summer of 2013. Though she went into the program thinking that she would focus solely on research, Jazmine soon found out that SROP had much more in store for her. 

Through SROP, Jazmine developed a great connection with faculty mentors and met notable researchers in her field. She also acquired knowledge for the GRE, gained advice from a variety of graduate students, and connected with the other SROP cohorts.

Participating in the SROP program and interacting with faculty and other graduate students made Jazmine much more confident and excited about her scholarly journey to higher education. Jazmine is originally from Philadelphia, PA but her experience this summer led her to believe that Ohio State can be a wonderful place to call a “home away from home.”

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