Keng Moua, SROP Scholar

Keng Moua

Keng Moua was a participant in the Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) during the summer of 2013. Though he was not accepted into the university for SROP, Keng worked with the program director and was able to complete his summer research at Ohio State. Keng’s time at the university was short, yet impactful.

Coming from a smaller school, Keng was excited to work at a research-one facility and be exposed to new research and equipment in his field.  He was introduced to programs like MatLab and SigmaPlot, and also learned how to operate KEMAR, which is widely used in the field of psycho-acoustics. Keng’s mentors were also tremendously helpful during his SROP experience and aided him in his research, as well as answered questions about graduate school or life in Columbus. Keng also enjoyed being able to connect with a diverse group of students.

To Keng, the most important result of participating in SROP was finding a place to attend graduate school and finish with a degree.  He greatly appreciates the opportunity to develop a strong network at Ohio State and sees himself accomplishing his goal of becoming an Audiologist and possibly attaining his Ph.D

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