Krystel Navarro Acevedo, SROP Scholar

Krystel Navarro Acevedo

Krystel Navarro Acevedo was a participant in the Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) during the summer of 2013. She studied plant pathology as part of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) in Wooster, Ohio. Krystel was not sure what to expect when she began her SROP experience, but her decision to remain positive and open-minded allowed her to thoroughly enjoy the opportunity. 

With an interest in molecular interactions between pathogens and plants, Krystel worked at Dr. Christopher Taylor laboratory understanding the infection process of root knot nematodes in sweet potato roots. It was a challenging experience for her since it was the first time she had worked with this pathogen at a molecular level. The SROP program not only encouraged Krystel to pursue post-doctoral studies, but she believes that it also made her a better leader and person, as well as a skilled researcher. 

Getting hands-on experience when working on experiments made Krystel more passionate about her research topic and gave her a feel of what graduate school is like at Ohio State. Krystel had personal goals of improving her writing, speaking and reading skills in English and was able to achieve them while she experience posters, round-table and oral presentations through the summer. The SROP program also permitted her to create a diverse network between professors, colleagues, students, and other personnel in the agricultural field. Connecting with these people encouraged Krystel to continue her dream of pursuing a doctoral degree after graduating from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez.

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