Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences Networks

Patrick S. Osmer — October 18, 2013


If you are working on life science or environmental questions, I want to point you toward two networks that are designed to connect graduate students, faculty, and researchers working on these complex issues.

Ohio State has a wealth of research and other endeavors in the life sciences and the environment. The Life Sciences Network and Environmental Sciences Network are in place to help us realize the full potential of these activities.

The networks were established in 2011 following the Graduate School’s recommendation that we coordinate and maximize Ohio State’s strengths in these areas. In the past two years, Executive Directors Kathleen Boris-Lawrie (LSN) and Richard Moore (ESN) have  made tremendous progress in fostering interdisciplinary research clusters, strengthening interdisciplinary graduate programs in these areas, and submitting research proposals.

Check out what’s available, including event calendars and other ESN and LSN activities. Graduate students are welcome to get involved. Contact ESN Program Manager Maureen Langlois, 292-5383, or LSN Program Manager Jenna McGuire, 247-7683.

Patrick S. Osmer is vice provost for graduate studies and dean of the Graduate School at Ohio State. He is a past chair of the board of directors for the Council of Graduate Schools. Osmer was chair of the Ohio State astronomy department from 1993-2006.


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