Ph.D. Completion Project

The PhD Completion Project was a seven-year, grant-funded project addressing the issues surrounding PhD completion and attrition. Reports and findings are now available.

The Council of Graduate Schools sponsored the project, which was supported by Pfizer, Inc., and the Ford Foundation. Funding was awarded to 29 major U.S. and Canadian research universities to create intervention strategies, to pilot projects, and to evaluate the impact of these projects on doctoral completion rates and attrition patterns.

Ohio State was selected to participate in phase 2 of the project, which lasted for three years, and finished in 2010. The following eight graduate programs participated in the project.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Roberto Rojas-Teran

  • "Direct BS to PhD" program

  • Terminal non-thesis MS program

  • Database system to monitor graduate student progress


Nan Johnson

  • Mentoring for Graduate School fellows

  • Box lunches for quarterly meetings with fellows


Paula Baker

  • Summer funding for research

  • Conference travel fund

Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

David Bisaro

  • Identification of academically at-risk students and those changing career plans

  • Tutors for academically at-risk students


Randy Nelson

  • Comprehensive recruitment plan

  • Comprehensive orientation program


John Pelz

  • Recruitment strategy to enroll more women


Randy Nelson

  • Develop survey for applicants

  • Data analysis for survey, student activity reports, and exit survey

Political Science

Kathleen McGraw

  • Two-week math workshop (pre-autumn quarter)

  • Conference travel fund for post-candidacy students

For more information about Ohio State's participation in the PhD Completion Project, contact Kathleen  R. Wallace, assistant dean, at (614) 247-7300.

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