Section VII

Doctoral degree programs

Doctoral degree programs give students the opportunity to achieve a high level of scholarly competence and to develop the capacity to contribute to the knowledge of their field. Doctoral degree programs consist of a coherent pattern of courses and other educational experiences, a candidacy examination, a dissertation (Ph.D.) or document (D.M.A.), and a final oral examination.

In this section:

7.1—General Information

7.2—Credit Hours and Residency Requirements: Doctoral Degree

7.3—Preliminary Examinations

7.4—Candidacy Examination

7.5—Written Portion of the Candidacy Examination

7.6—Oral Portion of the Candidacy Examination

7.7—Result of the Candidacy Examination



7.10—Final Oral Exam

7.11—Result of the Final Oral Examination

7.12—Dissertation-Final Copy

7.13—Graduation Requirements

7.14—Summary of Ph.D. Degree Graduation Requirements

7.15—Doctor of Musical Arts Degree (D.M.A)

7.16—Summary of D.M.A. Degree Graduation Requirements

7.17—Professional Doctoral Programs

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