Semester Conversion


NEW Graduate Associate and Fellow Appointment Dates, 2013-2014 (pdf)

Effective Autumn Sememster 2013, GA and fellowship appointment dates now match the academic calendar under semesters. Details.


Autumn Semester 2013: August 16, 2013-December 31, 2013

Spring Semester 2014: January 1, 2014-May 15, 2014

Summer 2014: May 16, 2014-August 14, 2014

Amended Sample GA Appointment Letter to Students, May 2013 (pdf)


Graduate Students FAQs, May & Summer 2013 (pdf)

We know that there are lots of questions related to May and Summer 2013. This new FAQ should help you navigate this new territory. If you still have questions, please contact us by email or call the Graduate School's registration services area at 292-6031. (March 2013)

Graduate Students and Semesters (pdf)

A Quick Reference for People who Need to Know and Need to Know Now

One-page cheat sheet with at-a-glance FAQs on credit hour requirements, resources, graduate associate and fellow appointments, enrollment in May session and summer term and graduate courses. Designed for 11x17 paper; also prints onto 8.5X11. (June 2012)





Previous Updates

Credit Hour Requirements for Post-Candidacy and Graduating Master’s Students: Summer 2012 ONLY

Because of the shortened session this summer, the university has made a decision to lower the number of required credits for the following two groups of graduate students: post-candidacy doctoral students who are enrolling summer session and master’s students who will graduate summer 2012 and are taking research credit hours only.

  • Post-candidacy doctoral students. All post-candidacy doctoral students enrolled for summer session 2012 need to enroll in only a minimum of 2 credit hours in order to be considered full-time and/or to meet the enrollment requirement for summer graduation. The minimum credit hour requirement for post-candidacy students will return to 3 credit hours beginning autumn semester 2012.


  • Master’s students graduating summer 2012 and taking research credits only. Master’s students who will graduate summer 2012 and who are taking only research credit hours need to enroll in only a minimum of 2 credit hours to meet the enrollment requirement for summer graduation. This exception does not apply if the student has course requirements and/or associateship requirements, financial aid requirements, etc. The Graduate School requirement of enrollment in a minimum of 3 credit hours during the term in which graduation is expected will be in effect again beginning autumn semester 2012.

 Graduate School contacts: Ann Salimbene, Tim Watson, or Shari Breckenridge, 292-6031.


Note from the Registrar: Ohio residency status for students in the transition year to semesters (posted 22 Feb 2011)

"This issue has recently come to our attention, and will affect out-of-state students (and particularly graduate and professional students) who begin at OSU in 2011 and hope to establish Ohio residency in 2012, the first year of our transition to semesters.

"One implication of the change to semesters is in the residency status of students who, after one full year of living in Ohio and being self-sufficient (no money coming in from out of state), are eligible for Ohio residency (in-state tuition) per ORC 3333-1-10.  When we switch to semesters in 2012, the students who are returning for their second year who normally would have been eligible for Ohio residency may find themselves one month short of residence eligibility.  Those students who moved to Ohio in September 2011 will not be eligible in the Fall Semester of 2012 because it begins in August ­i.e. only eleven months (residency is determined by one’s status at the beginning of the term, not the end).

"If your programs advise out-of-state students that they may be eligible to become Ohio residents after one year (with the stipulations articulated in ORC 333-1-10), either for recruiting or informational purposes, you should be aware of this catch ­which will affect only continuing students who enter in Fall of 2011--and determine whether you want to advise such students to move to Ohio one month earlier than necessary, in August of 2011, in order to be eligible to petition for residency in Fall of 2012."

Graduate program staff with questions should contact Kelly Stockard.

The Graduate School is working with the Office of Academic Affairs and other committees on graduate issues affected by Ohio State's conversion to semesters . Contact the Office of Academic Affairs or contact Scott Herness, associate dean, (614) 292-9490.



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