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Invitation to the graduate faculty

Patrick S. Osmer — 26-Jan-11 13:07
I’m writing directly to you, as members of the graduate faculty, in an experiment to reach out so we can discuss important issues facing us in graduate education.
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Professionally oriented master's

Patrick S. Osmer — 28-Feb-11 10:03
This message to the graduate faculty is about professionally oriented master’s programs. I have several outcomes in mind: to stimulate creative thinking about such programs and to host face-to-face forums or workshops for faculty on this topic. The ultimate goal is the development of new professionally oriented master’s programs where appropriate ...
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Legislative forum in Washington

Patrick S. Osmer — 08-Apr-11 11:49
On April 5, I participated in the Council of Graduate Schools' legislative forum, which underscored the need to support graduate education and its role in maintaining and enhancing U.S. competitiveness.
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Doctoral education at Ohio State

Patrick S. Osmer — 13-May-11 13:32
This post is focused on the future of doctoral education at Ohio State. My purpose in writing is to initiate a dialog with the graduate faculty across campus about the highest degree we offer, the Ph.D., the degree that in essence defines a research university. I want to engage you in conversation here first, and I encourage you to post your comments below.
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New project: Student debt and financial needs

Patrick S. Osmer — 16-Jan-13 13:00
Financing a graduate degree is a serious undertaking, as is managing debt. This is one of the major challenges facing students, families, and colleges and universities in the U.S. today. I am well-aware of the financial challenges faced by some of our graduate students, and I’m glad to announce that I will be working on a national project focused on these issues.
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