Update: Spoken English Program (SPEAK) Testing

Programs planning to hire international GTAs whose first language is not English must first certify those students through the Spoken English Program before they can teach.

This year, the SPEAK testing period is tight because of the conversion to semesters and the shorter than typical break between summer session and autumn semester, which means that there will be less time for SPEAK program staff to evaluate students and process the results.

In a typical summer,  the Spoken English Program evaluates 250 students in summer before they begin their GTA responsibilities in the fall; with semester conversion, evaluating that number before the beginning of autumn semester will not be possible.

Here's how to help alleviate any potential delays in certification for your students
  • Currently enrolled students requiring SPEAK test

Graduate programs with currently enrolled students who require the SPEAK test should have their students take this test as soon as possible.

  • Incoming students requiring SPEAK test

Tell your international GTAs about this requirement early. Encourage students who are incoming for autumn 2012 to arrive two weeks early so that they will have time to be evaluated.

SPEAK test results and subsequent requirements

Students who score less than 230 on the SPEAK test are required to enroll in supplementary coursework.

During the first summer session, the following courses will be offered:

  • One section of EDU T&L 5040 (students with a SPEAK score of 110-130)
  • Two sections of EDU T&L 5050 (course should be reserved for students expected to teach in autumn semester)
  • Several sections of EDU T&L 5055 (ideally reserved for students expected to teach in autumn semester)

Normal course offerings will resume in autumn semester.

For additional information, contact Andrea Sondrini, assistant to the director, at 292-5005, or visit the Spoken English Program website.


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