Denzel Middleton, SROP Scholar

Denzel Middleton  

Denzel Middleton, a student from Pennsylvania State University, was a scholar in the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) during the summer of 2013. The experience gave Denzel a glimpse of what graduate school would be like and reassured him that he is mentally and physically able to handle life as a graduate student.

SROP allowed Denzel to enhance his lab skills and techniques through vigorous lab hours spent working to complete a research project in the allotted eight weeks. While he did not consider the work to be too demanding at first,  as time went on and deadlines swiftly approached the tasks became more  and more difficult. This experience gave Denzel an accurate picture of the research process and showed him how necessary determination and motivation are to a successful career as a graduate student.

Denzel believes that his SROP experience molded him into a better scientist. He enjoyed the opportunity to enhance his research skills, network with faculty and other students, as well as learn to cook!  Denzel is thankful for this experience and recommends this program to any student with an interest in graduate school. 



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