Is graduate school for you?

Pursuing a graduate degree is an exciting and important endeavor

Going to graduate school provides opportunities to work closely with faculty mentors and to study specialized areas.

When people make the choice to go to graduate school, they are choosing to earn academic degrees that will help them gain the specialized knowledge necessary to pursue advanced professional practice (master's degrees) or to develop the research and scholarly skills to contribute unique knowledge to their chosen field (doctoral degrees).

Is graduate school for you?

Only you can decide if graduate school is a path you want to follow, but there are many people who can help you through this decision. Talk with career counselors at your undergraduate college or university, talk with your professors, and talk with other people that you know who have graduate degrees and are working in areas that you are interested in.

Get involved in undergraduate research opportunities, such as the Summer Research Opportunities Program.

The Council of Graduate Schools is a national organization dedicated solely to the advancement of graduate education and research.  CGS has developed several publications designed to assist students in making decisions about continuing their education beyond the baccalaureate.


Questions to consider before applying
  • What are your interests? career goals? and academic goals?
  • Will a graduate degree assist me in meeting these goals?
  • What will you specialize in?
  • Do you have the academic and personal qualities to succeed?
  • Have you identified universities that offer degrees that fit your research interests and career goals?
How to prepare for graduate school
  • Participate in research opportunities as an undergraduate
  • Research different graduate programs
  • Gain additional experiences, participate in internships
  • Establish important contacts (important for good letters of recommendation)
  • Attend professional, academic conferences
  • Take advantage resouces that help with applications, preparing personal statements, and test preparation

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